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Know The Difference Between Typeface And Font

Are you confused by the way these two terms are used in the context of typography for web applications? A typeface is often incorrectly referred to as font. However, the two terms have different meanings. Let's find out what each one stands for:   Typeface It is also


3 Indispensable Design Trends in 2018

Scripting the web design trends of the previous year in 2018 would definitely be a disagreeable and unnoticeable story. The New Year brings resolutions for changes, so why not to adopt more remarkable and appreciable web design patterns than ever. Simple corner branding, lean vertical


Step by Step- UX Research

In UX field a user has the power to decide if any product is interesting, valuable and if it's simple to use. Basically what they decide at the end of the day is that whether the product will be fruitful or not. So being in


Best Softwares for Designers

Those days are gone when people were mostly involved in reading the content online. Nowadays, more than content the site or design has to look more interesting and attractive with eye-catchy graphics and visuals, the user gets convinced to stay on the site.   These graphics play


How to Choose a Right Font for Designing

The task for choosing fonts is a confusing process for many designers. Choosing a good font is a good start for making text neat. However, making this choice may be difficult because of the endless number of fonts that are available. Every font has its