Marketing And User Experience

Marketing and User Experience Design Go Hand in Hand

The crucial role of UX designer is to take care of the fact that the tasks which are completed by a user, must get done with a low level of frustration and expert level of proficiency. Marketing experts pitch to pass on the quality value of the product that let UX designers set targets for UI designers. While they might have different ideas, it’s always productive to have mutual consent in order to deliver the best of the user experiences. Marketing and user experience design proceed in the same direction. To some extent, both practices are targeted towards the same group of people. Marketing folks have a thorough understanding of the people who are likely to use the products. On the other hand, user experience designers rely on creating a better experience for such products. This blog is all about the joint work of marketing and UX design teams.

Marketing and User Experience design teams joint approach:

An approach to dependency:

Since marketing relies solely on selling or persuading, a compelling thought must go into the mind of the users. To do so, an intuitive user experience design is of the need.

A number of win-win situation occur among marketing and UX team while making a decision for the user experience design. Design components might be an arguable component, but we must be focusing on the segment of the people we are aiming to serve. From fetching a new user to making them a long-term user.

The way of Execution:

Possessing some in-depth analytics on the users and those not-yet users would be incredibly valuable for getting rid of the communication gaps in marketing vs UX fights.

A number of useful product and analytics tools can be found that lets you make a very appropriate decision for all your jobs. Once a thorough analysis is done, it’s the UX designer who has to bring things to the table.

Imp considerations for analysis:

  • Study user activities and behaviors. It’ll display features people are using and what time do they spend in the application, trends, and sum up the results across accounts, user types, and custom segments. Just like the  Google Analytics.
  • Funnels and paths are two great tools in analytics to help you understand the user behavior/journey as well as in identifying ways to streamline the flow in order to make life easier for the users.


Both marketing and User Experience design goes in the same way. Both marketing and UX design team want to make their customers apprehend to use their product and services. They both rely on tremendous user experience and also the way they are executing their plan. Because in the end, a user-centric approach is what their prime motive is.

Saurabh Tiwary
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