5 Excellent Examples of UX Design

Ashutosh Chandra | 26th August 2020

A UX design should be in such a way that it meets the needs of users. It should enable them to interact with an app, website, or device in an intuitive manner. A great UX works so seamlessly that most users are not even able to notice it. But a great UX is fundamental for a positive interaction experience, whether users notice it or not. A product may have an exceptional look and build, but if it’s UX is confusing, users will get annoyed for sure. This is where the role of a UX design agency comes into play. UX touches upon so many elements. It ranges from smart navigation to a clear organization of information. Also, it includes elements ranging from responsive communication to surfacing relevant choices.

In this blog, we will take a look at some examples of excellent UX designs. In each of these examples, we will be focusing on the specific parts of an interaction that are exceptional. Also, we will understand what we can learn from them. So, let’s begin.


5 Excellent Examples of UX Design

We will be exploring these 5 excellent examples of UX design:


  1. Disney+ landing page
  2. Apple compare items
  3. Zoom experience
  4. Threadless add item experience
  5. Quibi rotating video


Let’s begin exploring them one by one.

1. Disney+ landing page



                                                                 (Image credit: Cynthia Vinney, Disney+ landing page)

Sometimes, making just a simple change to an otherwise familiar design improves the user experience. It is precisely what the Disney-centric streaming service Disney+ has done. Disney+ assembles all the movies and TV shows from the company’s huge catalog in one place. When a user logs in, they see a landing page that looks similar to Netflix. For one, who has ever used Netflix, the Disney+ platform appears familiar to them.

It shows a big featured area at the top and horizontal rows of video options below. The video options are classified by genres or other recommendation criteria below. Between those two familiar elements, they show a set of logos that represents Disney’s five brands. Each logo immediately communicates what the users can expect after selecting any one of them. It’s because each of those brands are so popular and already have their own identity.


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2. Apple compare products feature


apple-compare products feature

(Image credit: Cynthia Vinney, Apple’s Compare Phone Models)

Most part of Apple’s website has a successful user experience. But the part to focus on is the compare products feature. In that feature, we can pick up to three items from a specific product category and see a side-by-side comparison. That’s something which is especially useful while comparing products with slightly different specifications.


apple-compare products feature-2

(Image credit: Cynthia Vinney, Apple’s Compare Phone Models – Quick Look)


This comparison experience in the compare products feature replicates the comparison while shopping in a store. It also improves on it by providing a digital format made particularly for this task.


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3. Zoom experience



(Image credit: Cynthia Vinney, Zoom)


In these trying times, the Zoom app has become one of the most used apps for virtual meetings. The app filters down what seems like a complicated endeavor into four simple options. This assists the users to start, join, and schedule a meeting and sharing their screen immediately and easily. When a user selects an option, the app guides them to a new window where they can easily complete the task. It happens without those unnecessary bells and whistles. The app makes everything easy and simple for users to get started.


Learnings From Zoom 

Zoom uses the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle. It keeps things simple by focusing its top-level choices on the tasks people use most often. UX designers can learn to keep things simple and consider their user’s priorities in mind while designing a product.

4. Threadless add products experience



(Image credit: Cynthia Vinney, Threadless)

Threadless has a community of well-versed artists that sells t-shirts. They have created an amazing experience for adding an item to a user’s cart. At its core, most of the experiences are the same as other e-commerce apps. But Threadless has added a few unique touches which makes the app more responsive and delightful.

When a user clicks on the “Add to Cart” button on the product page, a pop-up appears on the page. The pop-up acknowledges that the user has added a product and also shows the total price of items in the cart. This shows the user how much they are spending. It is especially useful when the user is on a budget. Plus, the animation of the cart at the top of pop-up adds a level of fancifulness and joy to the experience.

5. Quibi rotating video



(Image credit: Emerson Schroeter, Quibi landing page)

Quibi is a mobile-first video-streaming app. It launched with one special and exciting innovation: rotating video. Most of their video content appears in the landscape mode. But the special thing about their videos is they fill up the screen, whether it’s in landscape or portrait mode. Also, the videos rotate seamlessly between the two modes. Undoubtedly there’s a complex technology behind the curtain to make this work. But the concept behind this innovation shows an example of an excellent UX design. It points out a UX issue in the way people watch videos and creates a simple and elegant solution. The solution looks obvious but users wish if it would have happened sooner.


Learnings From Quibi

Quibi shows that it is important to not over-complicate things. UX designers should simply deliver users what they want. It’s because sometimes an obvious solution is the best one.


Final Words


We discussed about those five examples of excellent UX designs. But these are just a few examples of brilliant UX design. There are a lot more. One of the ways to find them is to observe other websites, apps, and digital products one uses almost every day. One must pay attention to what he likes about them what they are doing differently from others.

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