6 Inspiring Website Wireframe Examples 2020

Ashutosh Chandra | 31st August 2020

Sometimes it’s not enough to understand what a wireframe is, how to create a wireframe, or the best wireframing tools to use. Whether it’s a new UX design agency or an experienced one, there are times when you need to go beyond your own knowledge and practice to get inspired. 

We’ve gathered 6 of our favorite examples of website wireframes from across the web. Drawing from Dribbble, Behance, and individual designers’ portfolios, we’ll share each example along with what type of website wireframe it is and what we love about it.


Importance of Wireframing Your Website


Creating a wireframe at the beginning of your design process is always a good idea. At this stage, you can afford to keep things simple and even make a few mistakes. This is the moment when, hopefully, you will see all your grave mistakes in the structure of your design. Just in time to fix them before doing so becomes very expensive and troublesome.


6 Inspiring Website Wireframe Examples 2020


1. E-commerce website wireframe example

The progress in online and mobile eCommerce innovations are paving the way for users to perform advanced operations. Those operations include national and international transfers and receipt tracking on the go. To get mobile apps and websites right the first time is essential. As a result, we’re seeing tons of great wireframe templates and design models. Below is one such wireframe among the great ones.


This website wireframe example represents a custom eCommerce mobile website. The use of colors like blue and white gives the essential contrast between visual elements. The wireframe example has real content, such as the bottom navigation list to give users a realistic view of how the end product might look.

In the designer’s own words: “The wireframe has been designed as a default template for an e-commerce website, respecting the classic interface design, usability, call to actions, break lines but dividing the content for a perfect, smooth and crisp design on mobile and tablet devices.”

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2. Beauty and fashion website wireframe

The fashion industry is famous for stunning aesthetics, glossy magazines, and, arguably, a whole lot of critique. The designer presents his fashion eCommerce design here, starting with some sketches, and working up to a visual website wireframe example of the final design.



The most interesting in this wireframe design is the use of space. The designer has used the grid layout, which enables easier readability and scannability. His use of whitespace helps to establish a visual hierarchy between elements.

Also, the typography, carefully chosen by the designer is an interesting, realistic compromise offered in the otherwise static, grayscale wireframe.


3. Real estate agency website wireframe

This wireframe is a great example for real estate agencies and realtors. The design shows a large hero image and places particular importance on the search filters to improve the user experience of searching for property. We love that the design accounts for market data, such as statistics and real estate trends.


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4. Services wireframe example

If your client offers some type of service, this wireframe might be the perfect material for design inspiration. Designed for a catering service, this high-fidelity wireframe design shows us the power of simplicity and whitespace.

Notice how different colors separate the screens that present different information, such as presenting the company or laying down the services they offer. Great work on ensuring good accessibility with the simple navigation bar at the top.


5. Shopify webpage wireframe example


Shopify is a massive eCommerce platform with over 600.000 different merchants in 2017. And so, it should come as no surprise that we could find some great wireframe examples out in the virtual wild, that make the most of the platform – and show off some great UX design skills by the designer.



Designer Janna Hagan created this wonderful wireframe that showcases how a well-organized wireframe can illustrate the strengths of the shop and the platform. As you can see, these wireframes are quite developed and even have some visual components that evoke the finished project.


6. Travel blog landing page wireframe example

This wonderful wireframe which is quite simple in its composition – it doesn’t have visual elements as of yet. But due to the simplicity of the wireframe, we can fully appreciate the smart structuring of the landing page.



With a navigation menu at the top of the page and the clever positioning of different components such as text boxes, this wireframe is a great example of how to make the most of the screen space you have. You’ll notice plenty of whitespace, which both guides our eye around the wireframe and gives us relief from the information on the screen. Pretty smooth, eh?




It’s always a good idea to first dive deep into wireframing before going into the prototyping. We know that, sometimes, mustering up the inspiration to get the ball rolling can be tough. But hopefully, with these wonderful website wireframe examples, one will find ideas about how to approach his next project.
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