6 Ways Logo and Branding is Essential for Local SEO

Ashutosh Chandra | 4th September 2020

It’s not right to confine your logo and branding as just the ‘image’ of your product, service, or company. They have a widespread importance, especially the way they influence the local search engine results. Their importance is far-reaching, especially when it comes to how greatly it influences local search engine results. Thus, it’s imperative to understand their nature and how they function to assist in achieving this reach. Also, it’s essential to understand why businesses invest so much into a branding design agency for a great logo and branding. In this blog, we will give you 6 Reasons Logo And Branding Is Essential In Local SEO.


Logo and Branding




Logos could be a symbol, text, shape, or a picture that serves as the ‘face’ of your product, service, or company. It assists in letting the consumers remember you. For example, even without the full name, the golden arches forming the letter ‘M’ is recognizable as McDonald’s worldwide.

Meanwhile, branding is all about promoting, marketing, or advertising your product, service, or company. It focuses on intriguing the emotional side of consumers, supporting to build trust and loyalty so they’ll patronize the company. Integrated branding is the creative design of the logo, coupled with the brand’s tagline or catchphrase. Together, the logo and branding form the company’s personality and identity.


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Local Search Engine Optimization




Search engines are programs that assist to find resources online. When you type specific keywords, these platforms provide results that match what you wrote. To maximize this process, businesses use search engine optimization (SEO), which strategically improves a website’s performance in search engines. It includes choosing the proper keywords to incorporate into a website’s content so that these sites will be shown in the search results.  The concept of local SEO, on the other hand, makes use of a searcher’s location and provides results near them. For example, if someone in New York types ‘seafood’ on a search engine, it will show results for seafood restaurants within their immediate vicinity.


Association Between Logo, Branding and SEO


To be cited repeatedly in these searches would be a good business goal, and that’s where the specialization of citation building services comes in handy. Tapping experts like SEO Builder to get more online exposure for your brand could also be a worthy investment to get more customers. But to have your product, service, or company appear more in a search engine, your website needs quality content. Thus, this is where the logo and branding design band together to produce engaging content for SEO purposes. 

Let’s look at some of the reasons why having a good logo and branding tandem is essential for local SEO:


1. Visually compelling content





Your logo and branding play a big role in promoting the content of your website. Visuals are powerful when it comes to attracting consumers. Since logos and branding make use of aesthetics, people would enjoy interacting with your website. They’d prefer a creative page over a dull one, for sure. Thus, pick the correct colors for your brand, make use of symbols, and use your creativity to gain more of those website clicks.


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2. To stand out from your competitors





A clear logo and branding design sets a business apart from its competitors. Businesses may sell the same product, but their logos and brand colors give off different vibes. When brands set themselves apart from each other, customers would remember which brand to search online when they need.


3. Memory retention





Logos and branding assist consumers to remember your brand more. People generally prefer something that’s already familiar to them. That’s why a memorable logo and eye-catching branding will assist to put a face and character to your company. Brand-related colors or images reminiscent of your logo can assist potential customers to remember your business more. When they remember you more, they’ll search for you more.


4. Strong connection with customers





Branding does the job of targeting the emotions of customers. It communicates your company’s values or goals, adding a ‘humane’ touch to the business. Establishing an emotional connection is important for customers because it greatly influences their decision to patronize your product or service. For example, customers are more likely to support a company that also supports charitable causes. This kind of humanitarian branding will lead people to associate your company and logo with good feelings and intentions. Your logo now becomes associated with such positivity, and they’ll look for you online when a connected need arises.


5. Improvement in search results and google ranking



If one follows the steps mentioned above, it will inevitably make their website receive many engagements. When this happens, Google will recognize your website more, assisting you to rank higher in search results. That’s why a great logo and branding work for your website indeed boosts search results.


6. Keywords




The importance of choosing the right keywords is having your brand pop up easily when a customer searches for it online. Be wise and think of keywords that you’d expect from your target customers; integrate such wordings in your branding.




It’s not enough to merely have a website and let things take off. Having a memorable logo and branding design is now essential for businesses since this assists in their local SEO results. Google takes into account websites that are doing well, and companies reap the rewards by appearing more often when searched. Thus, entrepreneurs should now see how crucial it is to establish their brand’s identity to cash in on local SEO success.

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