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Latest And Impactful Chatbot UX Design

UX design is undoubtedly very crucial when it comes to the success of chatbots. Chatbots or talk bots are artificial intelligence based computer programs which conduct a conversation via auditory or textual ways. Owing to a slow and steady industrial transformation, users are shifting from Graphical User Interfaces to Conversational User Interfaces. This provides an outstanding opportunity to mentor them towards the desired user experience with a great thought of UX design in mind. In this blog, I’ll tell you about the latest and impactful chatbot UX design.

Latest and impactful chatbot UX design:

Use of welcome message:

A welcome message is as basic as it sounds. It’s a chance for a chatbot to behave properly with the user, set expectancies with whom they can help the users, and provide vital tips and instructions for optimal use. No one can imagine, the lack of a well built welcome message can impact the entire UX. As the first meeting decides the relationship with other humans, in the same manner, a user’s first interaction with a chatbot decides the direction of the upcoming sessions.

Use of failure message:

As the welcome message helps in setting the direction of the conversation, in the same way, a failure message helps to make up for a chatbot’s shortcomings. A user must receive an answer to his queries. A chatbot takes care of this and in any situation, a user never goes unanswered by the chatbot. If such things won’t happen, the user feels awkward and restricts himself from moving forward with the conversation. It gives you the feeling of a friend who listens to you patiently and tries to end the conversation on a good note.


Use of rating buttons:

Rating button helps the chatbot in knowing whether it is working up to the mark or not. It’s comparable to a like or dislike button. Whatever process is applied, it’s best to keep the chatbot rating procedure passive so that it does not interrupt the conversation directly. Whenever a dissatisfied rating occurs, failure message helps in getting feedback from users.

Use of typing indicators:

Typing indicators permit a chatbot to communicate with a user in a more natural conversation. They let you know that the other person is likely to type a new response. Based on this information, the user can hold himself until he receives the response from the other side.

In some other cases, if a chatbot has to send multiple responses to a user, then an ideal chatbot waits for a few seconds in between the messages. This way leads to a natural conversation process than sending responses immediately with multiple messages.


In today’s world, these chatbots are highly in use. Whether it’s about the use of welcome message, failure message, rating buttons, and typing indicators etc. These latest and impactful chatbot UX design has enhanced designing in an immense manner.

Bharat Bhushan Dhalla

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