everyone is designer

Everyone is a designer

When you accept the reality that design decisions may come from outside your group, by people who are not professional “designers” in their job titles, you approach your colleagues differently. Now they’re not just your colleagues — they’re your design team.   The companies that produce great


Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions

The passionate plan is a major popular expression inside the UX people group. Plans which tap into the client's feelings are considered to accomplish something other than react to their expressed needs and give a more noteworthy dimension of client experience. One method for understanding

card based design

Best Card Based Design to Enhance UX

Web and mobile applications move far from pages, towards totally customized experience. Also, this experience based on a total of numerous individual bits of content. Cards are a creative idea. What are Cards? Cards are those little box shapes brimming with comprehensive pictures and content that fill


How to get effective feedback?

In my previous blog, I wrote about Why Feedback is important to your design? Now through this blog, I am going to share How to get effective feedback. Here are a few ways :   Conducting Surveys Surveys are an extremely compelling path for getting extraordinary input. They

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