6 Methods to Get better at UI UX Design

Posted By : Aditya Kumar | 26-Mar-2020

Get Familiar with design patterns

Design patterns are known as standard reference points, guides templates that designers might use to solve a particular problem when designing a website or mobile app, so you do not have to reinvent the wheel every single time trying to solve particular design problems.

Train your eyes for good design

As UI/UX designer you have to develop a keen eye for good visual design. You need to train your eye every single day-how? Go to Dribbble, Behance, Pinterest, etc. and study carefully top designers that inspire you-how they use white space, typography, spacing, color combination, etc. Save/Bookmark their designs and start creating your own inspiration library. Remember: Consistency is the key!

Learn by copying top designers

Copying is a very effective technique that painters, writers have been using for countries! Copying is about reverse-engineering breaking down top designer's work. Find designs you love and you are inspired by - and then literally start copying them! (pay attention to every single detail when doing it) Remember through - Its all about the practice, not plagiarism! You are not selling this stuff or placing it into your portfolio, this is only for your learning.

Apply what you’ve learned

Copying and recreating others will give you that good taste, so you will get a better understanding and idea how good design look like. Although, you need to know how to apply all your learning into real-world projects! If you do not have any freelance/commercial project to work on at the moment - just start working on the concept/fake one! How simple is that:)

Practice makes perfect!

Set up your daily designs routine to spend and practice at least a few minutes every single day consistency is very important! You will not become a better designer over the night-it’s all about practice - you need to keep learning and working hard every single day as that’s the only way you can improve. There is no shortcut: The more you do it- the better you’ll get it!

Find a mentor or mentors

Another great way to improve your design skills is to work under mentor/mentors. Their feedback is very beneficial as they will help you to spot every small detail that you weren't aware of your learning process, so what you’re waiting for then?:) go ahead and find a mentor- ask for their support and expertise in order to put your design skills into a higher level!


In this blog, I have mentioned a few important points to improve design skills. I hope you’ve learned something from this post and found useful tips for your design skills.

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