6 UI Design Mistakes that are Affecting Your Conversion Rate

Posted By : Shivam Singh Bhati | 26-Mar-2020

UI Mistakes Affecting Conversion Rate

User interface and user experience play a vital role in the conversion rate. Once the UX is dealt with the second thing is to make correct decisions for the user interface so people can use the product efficiently without any chaos or confusion. Great UI design can improve the conversion rate of the website. In order for the website to be engaging it should attract, transform, and retain the users using it.

There are following UI design mistakes :-


Unresponsive design

People use different devices with different screen sizes to accomplish a particular task, which makes it crucial for the website or the app to be responsive. That is, a website can work and change its content placement according to the size and the ratio of the screen.

A responsive website also increases the page ranking on Google. As Google algorithm priorities the mobile-friendly pages. Avail responsive and appealing designs at UI UX design services.

Un-inviting Call to action (CTA)

Call to action buttons are the buttons that users need to click on in order for them to take a particular action that you want them to take. CTAs should have enough white space for them to stand out. It should also have a different colour other than the primary colour of the website. If there are two different CTAs with different actions and priorities they should look different. The location of the CTAs should be right next to the proposal so that the user can take the action right away.


No customer reviews

People trust a website and its brand more if there are customer reviews on the website. That is, people ‘trust other people’ and based on ‘other people’s’ reviews they might turn out to be potential customers.


No video content

Videos are a great way to catch the users attention. The users don’t need to invest their time going through the website rather they can just play the video to understand what the website is about. The videos can entertain and explain at the same time. Plus brain processes videos 60 thousand times faster than normal text.


Pages loading slower

If the pages load slower, it can increase the bounce rate of the users visiting it. It has been shown in studies that 40% of users will leave the website if it loads up slowly. This problem can be solved by the following solutions: such as compressing your images, reducing third-party scripts, and leveraging browser caching.

Too much information

Too much information for the user can be overwhelming. The user might end up leaving the website altogether because of the way the information was presented. It's better to distribute different information on different pages so that users can browse easily and look for the information they are looking for.


In this blog, I wrote about common mistakes that are made in UI design that can affect the conversion rate of the user. I also wrote how that can be improved. Get appealing and custom made designs at UX designs services.

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