Basics of Wireframe for Beginners

Posted By : Aprajita Kushwaha | 26-Mar-2020

Wireframing is a very important step in any screen design process. Wireframes enable a designer to define the information hierarchy of a page design. It also makes it easier to plan the layout according to how the user intends to process the information.

Designing with your own process

Use a process that brings out your strengths and suits your comfortability. If needed, get assistance from prototype designing services. Below are some of the typical wireframing processes:


  • Sketch>Wireframe>Visual>Code
  • Sketch>Wireframe>High-Definition wireframe> Visual>Code
  • Sketch>High-Definition wireframe>Visual>Code
  • Wireframe>Interaction Prototype>Visual>Code

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Tools for wireframing

A wireframe tool saves time, effort, and cost of redoing the task. Get wireframe design services here. Some of the best wireframe tools available are:


  • Webflow
  • InVision
  • Sketch
  • Illustrator


What is a user persona?

A persona is based on this user research and includes the needs, goals, and observed behavior patterns of your target audience. Check out the example below:

Knowing your customer will help to affect the features and design elements you choose, thus making your product more useful. A persona make clear who is in your target audience by answering the following questions:

  • Who is my ideal customer?

  • What is the current behavior style of my users?

  • What are the needs and goals of my users?

Related Quick And Effective Steps For Building User Personas

Using Grid  

The grid system is similar to the print layout in organizing the elements on a page.  Additionally, it guides designers to create multiple design layouts that support responsive themes for different screen sizes. 


Layout With Boxes 

When drawing boxes on the grid, think about the order of information to present to your visitors. The top to bottom column is the easiest, followed by left to right row.


Wireframes help prioritize content. When evaluating this area, look for content placement, spacing, and grouping. Regardless of if you use actual content or placeholders, consider how the layout creates a content hierarchy and how that hierarchy serves the goals of the page.


Information Hierarchy

After finishing laying out the boxes, start working on your content to present the information in a well-structured manner. Use different font sizes to differentiate between the different levels of information.


To stay away from navigation problems, put yourself in a user’s shoes. Visualize each page from their eyes when drafting wireframe.

Consider elements such as:


  • How many clicks does it take to reach a page?
  • How many steps need to be included in sign-ups, points of sales, etc?
  • Is important content readily available?
  • How easy is it to find what I’m looking for?

Low fidelity Wireframes


Low fidelity wireframes usually offer a chance to see the basic structure of a user interface. They serve as a checkpoint for the team and client at the beginning of the design process. They help teams visualize and test early concepts, requirements, and design expectations at the beginning of a project.

High fidelity wireframes


Related Importance Of Wireframing Before Designing

High fidelity wireframes are the more enhanced version of low fidelity wireframes. They show a lot more detail. They show a better taste of what real UI elements look like. They make it easier to communicate functionality to developers. In most cases, the graphic designer likes to prefer a higher fidelity wireframe, because it ensures that they will not miss anything on their design.
Remember, wireframes are about defining goals and ensuring usefulness; they’re not about beautifully polished designs.



Building wireframes save time in the long run and ease the development process for the designer, developer, and client. Wireframes get your clients to get more clarity about what their needs really are and help them define their project goals and what their primary focus should be.

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