How To Create Your First Wireframe

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Wireframing is an important step in translating an idea for a digital product into a reality. Wireframing allows you to determine the information hierarchy of your design for a website, app, or product  while making it easier for you to plan out the content and user experience. Reputed UX design agency also assist you in doing so. All you need to do is show how elements are going to place on the page and how the site navigation should work.

Before you even think about picking up a pen and paper, you need to have covered three major steps:

Step 1- Know your audience by doing research.

Step 2- Know requirements of your user’s by creating user personas


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What is a user persona?

A persona is based on this user research and includes the needs, goals, and observed behavior patterns of your target audience. Check out the example below:



Knowing your customer will help to affect the features and design elements you choose, thus making your product more useful. A persona make clear who is in your target audience by answering the following questions:

  • Who is my ideal customer?
  • What is the current behavior style of my users?
  • What are the needs and goals of my users?

Step 3- How many screens you’ll need to produce and the flow you expect the user to follow.

There are few more questions you should be clear while drawing them.

-What content is going to be on the page ?
-What should the user see first on the page?
-Which information should be most prominent for the user? Where you are going     to place your main message.
- Is it clear what actions users are going to can take?
-What questions might arise from the user's side while navigation?
-Does my navigation need subpages? And how many?
Now  when you are done with all these steps you can start to create your first wireframe.

Remember: Wireframes are about defining goals and ensuring usefulness; they’re not about beautifully polished designs.


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There are many wireframe tool available few of them are below:

Balsamiq Wireframes

A wireframing tool for creating quick designs, running user testing, and sharing mockups with a design team.

A simple, minimalistic wireframing tool for mobile apps and websites that’s easy to learn.


A cloud-based design platform great for sharing and collaborating among team members.

Pencil Project

An open-source graphical user interface tool great for wireframing, mockup creation, and prototyping by both solitary designers and big businesses alike


An intuitive wireframing tool for support on a wide variety of platforms including mobile Android and iOS.


Some other important points to keep in mind:



To stay away from navigation problems, put yourself in a user’s shoes. Visualize each page from their eyes when drafting wireframe.

Consider elements such as:


  • How many clicks does it take to reach a page?
  • How many steps need to be included in sign-ups, points of sales, etc?
  • Is important content readily available?
  • How easy is it to find what I’m looking for?

If any of the answers above don’t feel right, Think!!. Don’t let  your work move forward until navigation is clear.


Wireframes help prioritize content. When evaluating this area, look for content placement, spacing, and grouping.Regardless of if you use actual content or placeholders, consider how the layout creates a content hierarchy and how that hierarchy serves the goals of the page.


If a wireframes layout is hard to understand, the actual design is going to be a nightmare. Point out areas that might confuse or overwhelm. Think through on components like content placement and page order.


If you focus on these key elements, your  wireframes should always hit the mark.
Lastly, always trust your design and be fearless with your ideas.

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