How to create a better wireframe

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When you get deployed on a fresh or redesigning project, you get involved and start to think of creativity and the latest designs. But before choosing colors, theme, layout, and logo, It's always advised to start with wireframes.


What is Wireframe?

Wireframing is a very important step before developing a UI. Wireframes are simple, black and white displays of the screen without images, icons, and colors. Basically wireframes are of two types. Checkout Wireframe & interactive prototyping services for more.


  • Paper wireframes-Paper wireframes are considered to be a very good way to start for any project. These are very feasible to give and receive feedback, add notes, and user-centric to enhance the discussion with your team and client.
  • Digital wireframes- Digital wireframes are all done on a machine using various software available out there like- Adobe XD, Figma, sketch, and many more. These are of two types.
  • Low fidelity wireframesThese wireframes are used only to show elements but not clickable; these are also known as low-fi.
  • High fidelity wireframesThese wireframes are clickable as well as actionable to showcase the UX flow; these are also known as High fi.

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Tips for building better wireframes:


  • Do your research-  UX design is a process and wireframing is not the first step in this process. Before you even think about picking up a pen and paper; You need to understand who is your target audience, what are the problems and pain points, defining use cases.
  • Sketch, don't illustrate- You are outlining and representing features and formats, not illustrating in fine detail. There is nothing worse than a blank piece of paper, so you need to start getting your ideas. That's the important thing. Don't think about aesthetics and colors first. Checkout UI UX design services for assistance.
  • Add Description- The next step is to add some informational details to prepare your wireframe for its upgrade, Add detail in the way you would naturally process a screen from top to bottom and left to right. Your wireframe is the skeleton of your design. 
  • Test with low fi Wireframes- once you have done all that, you are ready for your first user tests. At this stage. Your users may well be your colleagues. Also, one of the joys of the humble wireframe is that it serves as a common language between designers, clients, and developers. Always try to test performance and collect comments and feedback.
  • Go for High fi Wireframes- After taking all feedback and suggestions you can simply implement them on High fi wireframes. Or. you can easily convert you low fi wireframes to High fi as per your convenience.

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Always try to think, research, and explore as much as you can before wireframing. And start with paper wireframing at first. It will help you get a bunch of ideas and think of better UX. After finalizing complete product flow from client-side you can start working on designs. Also, it will save your time as making changes in wireframes is much easier than making changes in designs.

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