Importance Of Color Theory In Graphic Design

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Every color has a meaning and this stands true to graphic design as well. When creating an image designers have to look into various design elements that makes a design look well presented. It is essential for new graphic designers to harness the maximum potential of colors to make a design stand out. 

Graphic designing newbies often forget to combine all the elements while designing an image. They forget to use the right colour combination while designing an image. Every color possesses unique properties and it is essential that designers make the right use of it. 

In one of the research it was found that colors can have a profound effect on the mood and behaviour. Graphic designers have to carefully use colors while designing digital products because that affects the mood and behavior of their audiences. 

To create a graphic design, designers should first know how the colors were formed. School, college, universities, and science students are also taught about color theories to enable them understand the nature of these colors. 

For designers, it is really important to realize how colors are being depicted and how the client or audience is deciphering the color. Google's splendid and beautiful logo would not be the equivalent on the off chance that it were all black. 

On the off chance that a color isn't engaging, the viewer will get uninterested. They have already settled on their decision about the brand even if they don't have a clue what the item or organization is. This by and large takes 90 seconds or less for the  viewer to decide their opinion of the brand. It comes down to the color and symbolism to decide whether it is fruitful.

The color of a brand is the character of the brand. Color likewise makes a brand character that somebody can connect with.


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Color Affects Product Purchase


It is identified in various research theories that color affects customers psychology. If the graphics of a product is too minimalistic it often fails to grab customers' attention. Wrong color combination can affect the sale of a product. If the designers combine right color hues together then they can evoke intense emotional responses within their customers. While designing, designers should follow the 60:30:10 rule. According to this rule designers should use 60% primary colors, 30% secondary colors, and 10% accent colors for graphic designing to make a design stand out. 


Color Harmonies


Colors when combined in a specific way can make a graphic design look aesthetically pleasing. Designers often make use of the color wheel tool to carefully apply color schemes to a design and create appealing works of art. Also, setting brightness, color hues, saturation impact the effectiveness of color harmonies. Saturation impacts vibrancy, a highly saturated color becomes vibrant when used in tandem with less saturated colors. 


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Coordination Between the Text and Background Is Essential 


Always ensure you choose the right text and the background color. You can miss out on your potential customers if the text and background are not in tandem. Eg When you choose white background it is good to go for dark text colors. You can choose black, dark blue to coordinate with white. Similarly, if you choose white text then go for a dark background. 



Utilizing colors in your design layout is basically up to you! Prior to beginning any layout, consider the message you are attempting to get across and how the colors may influence the viewer. Know the implications of the colors you are utilizing and ensure that you are depicting the design's character in the correct manner. This is the guide to help you select the best graphic designer for your business.

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