Top 5 Website Designing Tools

Posted By : Himanshu Bhatia | 22-Jun-2020

Today in the creative industry, we have so many options for web design tools out there. It doesn’t matter what web design workflow you are looking for. There's already a tool for that. Nowadays, UI/UX designers are using a wide range of tools to Wireframe, design, prototype, and to maintain websites and mobile apps. For any UI and UX designs related support, you can take assistance from reputed UI UX design services. If you are new in the field of UI/UX or web designing, don't worry, there are already a large number of tools available in the market. But in this blog, we have shortlisted top 5 designing tools that are used by most of the experienced designers.

1. Adobe XD


Adobe XD is now considered to be the topmost web designing tool for windows users. This vector-based tool is specially developed for UI designs. You can design and prototype multiple artboards or web screens in a very seamless and intuitive way. It enables you to share your designs with clients for feedback as well. Also you can create a development link for frontend developers so they can download all assets and properties. XD has so many features like multiple prototyping triggers, components, actions, and animations. You will keep getting new updates and amazing features regularly. Recently they have introduced a co-editing feature. This means you can work on the same file with your team in real-time. Also, XD is a part of Adobe creative cloud which means you can easily import, export or edit files with photoshop, and illustrator. Isn’t it awesome? To get appealing and attractive designs that are created in Adobe XD, you can get in touch with UX design services.

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2. Sketch


Bohemian Coding's sketch is the most likely UI design tool across apple mac users as it is only available for Apple device users. The sketch was specially designed for making web apps and mobile apps. No doubt this is the most powerful and efficient tool. Sketch has low sized files whereas Photoshop has large ones. Because of it being a vector-based application, the record sizes are significantly smaller as compared to Photoshop. The component feature of the sketch is too advanced in which you can create your own library and guidelines. The overall look and feel of this tool are minimal, clean, and user friendly. They also offer a wide range of plugins to make your workflow easier.

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3. Figma



Figma is a browser-based tool that can be operated in a web browser. Also, this is available for both operating systems Windows and Mac. The best part is if you lose the internet connectivity in between, you can still keep working in offline mode just like google sheet or doc. Figma gives you all the tools required for excellent design, prototyping, and real-time team collaboration. It enables you to generate SVG and CSS codes. Also, You can quickly import several images at a time on the exact location and the artboard. The biggest advantage of this tool is you can access and operate this tool from anywhere and any computer at your ease. You don’t have to install the software every time.

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4. InVision Studio



InVision Studio is majorly known for its beautiful UI interactions and animation effects across Designers. With the help of this tool, you can do fast and responsive prototyping. Earlier InVision was presenting a cloud-based prototype with tools like Sketch and XD  But Now it has introduced its own feature-packed UI design tool called Studio. This offers a wide range of advanced motion animations, collaboration, and sharing prototypes options. USP of this tool is you don’t have to create different size artboards for various devices. It is engineered in a way that it will automatically adjust your design to any screen. Meanwhile, you can use that saved time to think more about your workflow. Learn more about designs in invision studio with prototype designing services.


5. Marvel


Just like Figma, Marvel is also a free web and mobile prototyping tool based on the web browsers. This is a useful tool for quick ideas and implementing the same in a faster way. It is mostly used for designing neat webpages and prototypes. Apart from others, there is a unique and advanced integrated user testing feature such as screen recordings of users of moving eyeballs and reactions via video and audio feedback to designs. Also it provides Information of where the users clicked and you can also share test results with your team or client. 



Designing tools are just a medium to convert your creativity and knowledge into a successful product. It all depends on how curious and interested you are for producing the best designs and user experiences in the industry.

To know more about design tools and get intuitive and user-friendly designs, get in touch with Oodles web design services.


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