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Posted By : Sukhmani Kaur Vahiriya | 26-Mar-2020



An app that is more usable is more user engaging and has less chances of app uninstallation. It is a kind of presentation of basic user experience principles used for your advantage. Better UX means better user retention. UX design services also offer some of the best UI UX designs. So now, here are some of the effective tips for making your designs and the overall UI better:


Usability and User goals

You are on a street and it’s raining heavily. You open a cab booking app. Being a user to the app, what is the one thing you are hoping to get done as soon as the app opens? Put yourself in the foot of users to think like them. Obviously you would like to get a cab at the earliest. That's why design your app accordingly. Create a UX flow which enable users to book a cab in the minimum steps and time.


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Define a clear CTA

CTA (Call-to-action), the button which makes sure that the user gets the cab and if we name it as ‘submit’ in spite of ‘request for a cab’. Will it be understandable by the user or will it be confusing? It should be visible really clearly and the approach should also be easy. Because it is hard to reach to the top-left corner of the screen for a right-handed user unless they use both their hands.


Design for fat thumbs as well

The action buttons should be big enough and placement should be at a fair distance for easier app navigation. If the action buttons are small in size, then it could be frustrating for the user and might result in app uninstallation. You may also avail UI UX design services to get better designs for the same.



Don’t drain the battery

Battery issues occur if the app size is large, and application is heavy on calculations. The first thing a user needs when stuck in a city with heavy rainfall that their mobile battery is not running out.


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Reduce clutter

It is not necessary to display every small information on the interface. Place your content in a way that provides the user with a clear understanding of the available features. Reduce clutter and keep minimal content on the screen.


Use simple forms

Kee the forms simple where users can enter their details with ease. Also, try to make the user typing minimum as it will make the tasks easier for users. You can also get assistance from mobile app design services for the same.



Design consistent behavior


If your design is compatible with mobile and web both, on the mobile you can reduce the content by keeping the experience similar to other devices. Also, checkout web design services for the consistency in your designs.


Rule of Thumb


Mobile user experience is often called as one thumb, one eyeball experience. A research says that 49% of mobile users rely on one thumb to get things done. To check if this is feasible or not you can use a trick, i.e. if users are able to perform a certain number of tasks with one hand within 60 seconds of time period.

Another tip to design in the flow of the thumb is you can place negative elements in an area which is “hard to reach” which doesn’t distract the user from his goal (completion of task). Be careful that you need to place common actions and controls in the “Easy to reach” area to ease the user’s experience.



Appropriate Text

Mobile devices are compact so don't showcase a lot of information. According to thumb rule, mobile devices should have at least 11 points text so that it is easily visible without zooming. Also, white space plays a crucial role in mobile designing which leads to greater effect in readability.



Apart from the above points, keep the UI simple with minimal colors and shorter navigation. I hope these tips will assist you in improving user experience and increasing user retention.

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