Which one to use checkbox or toggle switch

Posted By : Himanshu Bhatia | 26-Mar-2020


Both checkbox and toggle switches have been used in forms for a long time to collect inputs from users in an easier way, so let's have a look when to use a checkbox or toggle switch.



A checkbox is also known as a selection box or tick box. It is used when there is more than one option that needs to be checked or as a simpler way to YES or NO when something is asked in a software program or forms i.e login, sign up. Checking the box makes it enabled and unchecking make it disable.


Toggle switch


A toggle switch is also known as a digital on/off switch button just like an electric switch at home. It is used to simply turn some functions on and off just by clicking on them i.e Mobile settings, computer software or web forms.


When to use - conditions


Multiple Choices

Always use a checkbox when there are one or more options available in the form. It will take much more time if the toggle is used as it has to be on/off one by one.


Clear visual state

Always use a checkbox in case of clear visuals as there will be much more chances of getting confused with a toggle switch and it needs to be clearly visible whether it is enabled or disabled.


Only one option 

Always use a checkbox in case of a single option as there is already one choice is given whether yes or no. which means obvious. i.e Remember me at the time of login or agreeing to terms at the time of sign up.


Quick Action.

Always use toggle switch for quick action in settings screen or online forms. As setting screen requires on/off functionality to show the outcome. A moment reaction of applied settings is required without any clear activity.



Always use toggle switch when the user is toggling in between features or functions.




While choosing between a  checkbox or toggle switch, focus on context, not work. Ask yourself whether a setting should produce right results or not. Ask yourself whether clients need to check their settings before they apply them. 


It is important to give right control at the right spot in a structure to make it easier to understand. Since forms can be long with a huge number of alternatives. The given use-cases and rules will assist you with deciding among the checkbox and toggle switch while adding controls to your forms.




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