White space in UX Design

Posted By : Himanshu Bhatia | 26-Mar-2020

White space in UX Design

White space is a critical way in user interface design where white “empty” spaces around things and between things represents good design.Designing experiences with digital white space brings much-needed focus to what the user wants.

The purpose of white space in UX design

White space between elements on a UI provides a contrast to content. It gives things space to “breathe” and allows the focus of the page Very clear and clean. Even the kerning and tracking in typography are integral to the legibility of a typeface.

The Google search page is an excellent example of the functionality white space can offer in UX design. The user comes to Google to search for something. The white space on the page makes all attention to the center where the search bar exists, cursor gently blinking at the button. The lack of distraction on the page only highlights the elements. It is because of the white space that we know intuitively what to do. Considering this “white space” in any type of design is fundamental to communicate how to interact with a product.

Where to start

Here are 2 things you can start with to improve the user experience of your design with white space:

Identify the main use case of your product

The main use case has probably not changed since pre-connected devices. If you are designing a AC, the main intent is to provide cool air. If it’s a thermostat, the intent is to cool down a home. It is mostly the same function that the non-connected counterpart performs. Like in the Google search page example, you need to provide a clear path for the user to intract. Optimize the user experience for the main use case.

Identify the friction points

Make your current customer journey. Any areas where your customer has difficulty in using your product are the main problems. Solve these friction points individually. Keep in mind that each touchpoint the user has with your product should take straight to the main use case and key features. Sometimes clever solutions in little problems can make a big impact on the user experience.


The concept of white space in user interface and user experience design or is about minimizing user interactions. Hug the principles of good design to create an innovative user experience. Utilize technology and data to inform device functions. When all of these things have been carefully done then all the complexity of how a device works fades into the background, leaving only magical, seamless, functional user experience.

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