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A Customized Crypto Trading Platform that Enables Rapid Verification and Efficient Trade Management for an African Cryptocurrency Exchange
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Our client is an emerging peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading exchange based in Africa. Their primary objective was to make cryptocurrency markets easily accessible to native African users. They experienced challenges in developing and designing a user-friendly, secure, and reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform. Our team built a desktop website and mobile application powered by Identity Mind’s electronic DNA. It enables a seamless trade of cryptocurrencies with secure KYC procedures and multiple payment methods. The application’s intuitive interface is a key user engagement and revenue generation factor.

Project Requirements
A responsive cryptocurrency interface based on a microservice architecture that is custom-built for African users and scalable for global markets.
A well-organized and easy-to-navigate digital interface that encourages average users to trade seamlessly.
A clear and quick verification process followed by multiple payment gateways to complete transactions effortlessly across the globe.
Our Work
The client’s requirement for a well-defined and user-centric cryptocurrency marketplace warranted the development of a web and mobile trading interface.
A responsive cryptocurrency interface based on a microservice architecture that is custom-built for African users and scalable for global markets.
We defined user personas to gain a deeper understanding of the needs and motivations of the target audience.
Also, we built low and high-fidelity wireframes to define and shape the UI and user flow of the final design.
The above measures enabled us to develop and design a responsive web interface for desktop and mobile users. Our design team used Adobe XD as the primary tool to build wireframes and the final designs.
Key features of the solution are-
Easy to Understand Database Structures
We built a crypto trading and exchange platform that uses Elasticsearch as a search engine to provide search results in real-time and support multitenancy. Also, our development team used open-source database structures such as Redis and Kafka to store and streamline critical business data. To ensure a standard price chart for all users, our development team referred to Bitfinex, a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform.
Secure and Timely Verification Process
Our solution is powered by Identity Mind that protects online transactions against fraudulent activities. It provides full-scale protection that involves secure Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, sanction screening services, anti-money laundering monitors, and chargeback detection. The verification processing time reduced significantly to encourage more users to register for crypto trading..
Multiple Payment Gateways
Our solution provides a variety of global and local payment methods that enable users across the world to transact cryptocurrencies seamlessly. We integrated Blueshyft, Bpay, and iPay gateways into the web interface. These systems enable users to use hard cash, online banking options, VISA, Mastercard, Kenswitch, M-PESA, Airtel Money, and eLipa payments to complete transactions.
The solution’s transparent, secure, and scalable transaction capabilities have enabled our client to expand their crypto trading services across Africa.
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