A Responsive Fiat and Crypto Trading Platform for an Emerging Cryptocurrency Exchange
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Our client is a globally emerging fiat and cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform. They required an easy and efficient solution to facilitate a decentralized trade of fiat and cryptocurrencies across the globe. We built a responsive cryptocurrency exchange platform for desktop, mobile phone, and iPad users. The cross-platform trading exchange enabled our client to maximize user adoption and expand their presence across the global crypto market.

Project Requirements
An easy-to-navigate interface that enables users to compare coin rates and price charts in a time-effective manner.
A consistent experience across devices including desktop, mobile phones, and iPads to maximize user engagement and experience.
Scalable infrastructure to complete global and peer-to-peer transactions effectively and with minimal cost.
A one-stop platform for fiat and cryptocurrency trading and exchange that includes all G20 currencies to provide a crypto-banking experience.
Our Work
We developed a comprehensive and intuitive cryptocurrency marketplace for desktop, mobile phone, and iPad users.
Our team evaluated the risk and opportunities of building a distinct crypto-bank and analyzed the best practices among leading cryptocurrency exchanges.
We studied the needs, expectations, and behavior of three different types of target audiences including common users, proficients, and advanced traders.
The insights provided by our UX researchers were used to define three different types of user personas for specific user needs.
The above measures enabled us to design dynamic cryptocurrency trading and exchange web interface with custom dashboards. Our design team used Adobe XD and some manual research methods to build the final designs.
Key features of the solution are-
User-centric Design Variations
We built three subjective dashboard designs for trading cryptocurrencies based on different user personas. The variations namely, Quick Mode Design, Pro Mode Design, and Advanced Mode Design fulfill specific user needs. The customized dashboards enable different types of users to trade cryptocurrencies in an effective and efficient manner.
Real-Time Price Charts
All dashboards demonstrate the real-time prices and market volumes of multiple fiat and cryptocurrencies in the form tables and candlestick charts. Also, users can easily propose a bid to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies by using in-built conversion systems. It provides users with an accurate and transparent crypto-banking experience.
A Comprehensive Style Guide
The final UI UX design comes with a comprehensive style guide that elaborates on the use of different interface design elements. We used a subtle color palette that matches the brand’s personality with user preferences. The style guide enables our client to effectively assert its brand value and enhance the user experience. It also includes definite typography and iconography practices undertaken to build the final design.
The solution offers real-time conversions from crypto to crypto, from fiat to crypto and from fiat to fiat currencies. It enables users worldwide to get a hands-on experience of digital trading across multiple devices.
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