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An Evidence-based and Efficient Digital Assessment Interface for an Emerging Consultancy LLP
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Our client is an emerging startup agency that conducts assessments under various government schemes. They were experiencing challenges in conducting large-scale offline and online assessment tests for candidates across India. The company required a well-organized and functional digital solution to replace the laborious manual examination process. We built a desktop and mobile interface using Google Material Design that enables assessors and candidates to conduct online assessments efficiently. The web interface streamlined our client’s examination processes and improved business results.

Project Requirements
A digital assessment interface that can replace the traditional manual examination process for an accelerated and justifiable employment generation.
Unlike manual assessments, the solution should prevent assessors from mishandling student and examination records, scorecards, and assessment reports.
An in-built voice recording system that serves as a reliable source for student viva records.
An easy-to-navigate and scalable UI that enables administrators to conduct nation-wide assessment tests effectively.
Our Work
We developed a web and mobile interface to fulfill our client’s requirement for an effective and authentic assessment solution.
Our team conducted in-depth user research to define three types of user personas, namely the admin, assessors, and students.
We defined the information architecture and high-fidelity wireframes to visualize the UI and UX flow of the final design.
The above measures enabled us to design a responsive interface for desktop and mobile screens. Our UX research and design team used Adobe XD to build the information architecture, wireframes, and final dashboard designs.
Key features of the solution are-
User-centric Design Variations
In-line with the use cases of the solution, we built two major dashboard designs for students and assessors respectively. The students can log in to the app and easily access tests in their preferred language. Likewise, assessors can access specific exam batches to review the progress and record student attendance and viva performances.
A Comprehensive Style Guide
We provided a comprehensive style guide that specifies the use of different design elements. We used a consistent color palette across desktop and mobile interfaces to maintain a quality user experience. The style documents include a detailed demonstration of all the UX research and design methodologies we have used. It also includes definite typography and iconography practices we undertook to build the final design.
A Scalable UI Architecture
Our solution enables the client to conduct large-scale assessment tests across India. A scalable bandwidth enables the client to organize online exams for thousands of students seamlessly and successfully. The simple UI navigation is designed in view of diversity in student needs and motivations.
The solution has streamlined all assessment requirements so administrators can evaluate candidates with more efficiency and effectiveness. They can now easily validate the assessment results with app database records for legitimate candidate selection.
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