8 Surprising Design Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

We often follow a general trend of design. No wonder web designing incorporates boundless terms of references and has vast resources, tools and analysis which when put on the table brings dramatic outcomes with enhanced design experiences. However, going through some statistics and past results, it becomes quite convenient to take your design in some other useful direction. Here we list few surprising web design facts that might sound unusual but is really true and may turn out to be useful while you plan your next designing project.

Web design facts

Design Facts

  1. A few seconds of delay in website loading can result in up to 80% of traffic decline. In case your design incorporates a lot of graphics and your website loads slowly, visitors will simply switch to another website that loads comparatively faster.
  2. Web design is not just about designing part but also about SEO. A design expert who is working on a project must have the knowledge about web development languages as well as the SEO principles.
  3. A good web design project usually considers the future goals of   website owners. A professionally designed website features the content as the most important part of the website. Images and animations placed in the center adversely affect the engagement.
  4. Web Design is a vast field which is not a one time process. Only those websites are seen to have succeeded which have consistently been updating their designs. A two-year-old website design can be called considered as a very old design.
  5. Although content act as a building block for a website, however, it is only an image or a photograph that actually conveys emotions to the user. Words have failed to convey emotions.
  6. Introducing red, orange and yellow in the design induce energy and excitement about the design.
  7. Flash players have often seen to be integrated into a browser for displaying flash content. However, they have consistently lost users in past decade as websites with flash content loaded very slow and had a number of issues related to the Search Engine Optimization.
  8. Web design is not just about designing a website and incorporating graphics. One of its major components is search engine optimization. This means that project manager who’s working on the project must possess the knowledge about web development languages as well as the SEO principles.
Saurabh Tiwary
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