How to Estimate the Cost of a Web Design Project

Ashutosh Chandra | 24th August 2020

It is common in the web design industry to estimate the cost of a web design project. But to estimate the cost of a website design isn’t as simple as it seems. It is because of the two factors:


  • Websites vary a lot in terms of design and functionality
  • The pricing varies from agency to agency.


The kind of website we want makes a big difference. Our requirements are the main elements that determine the cost of our website. For one, who isn’t familiar with the web design industry, the pricing may appear very confusing. Some may opt for a website builder or freelancer, but we should consider a web design agency for optimum results.

Now, in this blog, we will look at the steps to determine the cost of a web design project if we hire an agency. So let’s begin.


Steps to Estimate the Cost of a Web Design Project:

1. Understand Your Requirements


Stating simply, we can categorize a business website into these four steps:

  • Simple, small business website: For local businesses that don’t intend to sell online, but want to use their website as an online business card for visitors to find out your business. 
  • Conversion-focused business website: A more polished website for service-focused small businesses, for attracting a steady flow of new business. It is set up to convert visitors and display the previous work in an engaging way. 
  • Basic ecommerce website: For selling your products and services online. These websites have various features, so we put them in a specific category. 
  • Custom feature-rich website: For large businesses, and to stand out of the crowd.


Obviously, this is not a rigid classification. But after reading these classifications, we can get a fair idea of the kind of website our business requires.


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2. Purchase a Domain Name

For a website, the first thing we need is a domain name, assuming we don’t have one. A domain name is your website address on the web. The costs for a domain varies a lot. But in general, it can cost in the range of $10 to $50. Also, your domain subscription requires renewal every year.

3. Choose a Web Host

For a standard website, web hosting costs can range from $5 to $50 per month. It can cost more if we are hosting large or complex websites or web applications. But the ideal pricing depends on the website of your liking and requirements such as daily visitors on your website, storage requirements, and various other factors. Take the assistance of your
web design company, for choosing the right hosting service for your website.


4. Choose a Template or Custom Development

It is better to leave this step to your agency in case of not having much experience in web development.

A website that is based on a simple template with a few pages won’t cost much. In fact, most of the popular CMSs(Content Management Systems) are free to install, but usually there’s a set-up cost. 

It is obvious that the agency will charge more, for more demand for customization iterations on your website. The cost can range anywhere between $500 to $10,000 and above. An interactive web app or advanced features such as database integration can demand an even larger budget.

The web design industry hosts different options. So, your agency should find the best solution that balances your requirements as well as the budget.


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5. SEO and Copywriting


Today, businesses are competitive and want to rank higher in the search results page. Search engine optimization plays a key role in this process. It has become mandatory for business websites that want to remain competitive. For SEO, costs can depend on the type of your business, and your agency partner.

It requires professional copywriters to get the SEO- optimized initial page content for your website. The cost of copywriting depends on many factors, for which your agency can provide assistance. 

They can cost in the range of $300 to $10,000 monthly, included with other marketing and web design services.

6. Design Aesthetics and Multimedia Integration

An essential component of the project is to develop compelling aesthetics with an intuitive and user-friendly user experience. In a web design, we have two aspects of the design part. One aspect is the visual language of the website, while the other aspect is its usability. There are numerous ways for creating the visual content and present information on your website, just like in the development phase. The visual content may be static or in the form of images, video, or interactive elements. The cost varies depending on how we want our website to look. Contact UX consulting services as they can assist to come up with effective ideas that match your business’ needs.

7. Regular Maintenance

Don’t think the process is over even after the agency finishes developing your website. To keep your website relevant and updated, regular maintenance is essential. Maintain a monthly maintenance budget for your website, unless your website is really simple. The expenses for regular maintenance can be as little as $50 to as much as $200 per month. It depends on the changes that it requires.

Final Words

To conclude, the prices can vary as per your requirements and budget. So, contact our web design studio to get a specific personalized estimate of your website and get it to build today.


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