3 Essential Design Components of an E-commerce Website

Kritika Jain | 4th June 2018

E-commerce websites are different from the usual websites. A user spends a lot of time on these websites even when they do not want to buy anything. Some land to check the product specifications and others just want to be familiar with the product. Considering this important aspect of E-commerce websites, it is crucial to optimize their User Experience in order to get most out of them. Here, I will guide you through several design components of an E-commerce website that are nowadays very much accepted by the users of online platforms.

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Design Components of an E-commerce Website

Infinite Scrolling

Too many products, various sorting options, and numerous filters. That’s how an E-commerce website work. To display a large number of products, you need to have infinite scrolling and provide a global sort and filter option. It’s often a good idea to not let users click on the next page, instead, allow automatic loading when the user reaches to the last in the product list.


Every shopping website comes up with offers periodically or might want to showcase some specific products on their platform. One of the best ways to do this is by providing an option for slider and carousel. This is very handy for mobile users who love sliding and scrolling through touch interfaces.

CTA Buttons

Call to Action Buttons are the primary action buttons that are used to perform actions like “Add to Cart”, “Buy Now” etc. These are some of the most crucial design elements and the look and feel of these buttons often influence the conversion. These buttons can be placed on a website a number of times to ensure maximum conversion.


While E-commerce design is more about users, it must focus primarily on two things i.e. User Experience and Conversion. Once you are able to achieve the UX, you are more likely to convert. And the above-mentioned basic design components are likely going to help you achieve both aspects. 


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