Listing 3 Popular CMS For Web Design Applications

Saurabh Tiwary | 1st July 2016

Managing vast content on your website might seem to be a challenging task. However, CMS makes it quite convenient to organize various stuff by providing all essential features of content management. Coming across the absolute importance of CMS in web design, one needs to be cautious while choosing a CMS for their websites. Here, we list few popular CMS and their major highlights that would help you choose a suitable one for your website application. Take a look.

Popular CMS

WordPress- Introduced as a blog publishing platform, WordPress has gradually evolved and has become one of the most popular content management systems in the world today.  It is primarily based on PHP and MySQL and is used by more than 10 million websites all across the world. It also supports a wide range of plugins and vast themes being the first choice of developers and content editors.


  • Easy to install and takes very less time
  • Very large community and offers a large number of services


  • Continuous updation leads to break in plugins
  • Suffers Security Problems


Joomla- Joomla is a popular CMS for its multilingual features. It is also one of the leading open-source CMS platforms in the world. It is also based on the PHP and MySQL. Moreover, Joomla allows developers to create a number of add-ons for websites such as inventory control systems, data reporting tools, integrated e-commerce systems and business directories etc.


It incorporates a large number of library in addition to cheap and free plugin support.


It has been observed that Joomla is not that friendly to the search engines and you need to install additional plugins to make it search friendly.


Drupal- Drupal followed the principle of taking best out of current CMS and giving rise to a new one i.e. Drupal. Drupal aims to encourage developers follow a specific trend, well-structured approach towards scripting

Some highlights of Drupal are:-


  • It is very powerful that provides all the functionalities
  • It is easy to set up a cache system for enhanced speed.
  • Allows you to add users and manage their roles


Drupal is often perceived as hard to implement and modify. However, efforts have been made towards simplifying the Dupal functionalities.



No website can work efficiently if it’s content are not managed properly. Hence, it is a prime need of every website to choose a CMS wisely that suits their requirements. There are a number of CMS available to be used for web designs. Some of them are specifically designed for a particular type of website. You need to analyse what kind of CMS you need for your website and then carefully choose one.

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