4 Common Myths In Mobile Apps Design Explained

Saurabh Tiwary | 13th June 2016

The present era of mobile app design and development has reached a new level. The increasing number of mobile app design service providers has led users to rethink which one to choose among a large list of web design companies. Most of the tech-organisations often look forward to design their own mobile app in order to establish their market in the app world and to reach a large user base. Since the idea seems very evident and so, a number of tech-freaks come up with a number of innovative ideas for look for reputed mobile app designing services in order to develop a brand new mobile app. However, most of them either fail or do not succeed in designing a useful one. There might be so many reasons behind this. however, here we list few common myths pertaining to mobile apps design and related services that often lead to their poor performance.

4 Myths in Mobile Apps Design

Myth 1:- It’s All About A Distinct Idea

A number of budding entrepreneurs believe that having an idea is the key to success. However, it is counted as a myth. Although ideas are worthless on their own what actually matters is how you breathe life into those ideas.

Some factors to consider while planning to build a sustainable product that can generate revenue are:-

  • The Perfect Time
  • The Current Market State
  • The Proper Platform

 At present, only those apps are considered successful that fit into the market.

Myth 2:- Mobile App Development Is All About Writing Codes

At present, developing a successful app is more than possessing knowledge about iOS and Android technologies. Most of the organisation are looking forward to build solutions that will provide them with a return on investment(ROI). It is important to note that App development is not only about  programming technologies but also about the state of market to ensure ROI for mobile apps.  Holding on the nerves of user and their interest takes much thought and a careful strategy.

 Current state of development is also about creating successful products. that are built through continual improvement, refining growth strategies, and measuring results.

Myth 3:- Mobile Apps Development Is Very Expensive

The are a number of factors that determine the cost of designing a mobile app. It all depends on the features and several other factors. Several mobile app development companies charge reasonable fees for developing a user friendly and easy to navigate mobile apps. However, the charges applicable for the development also depends on the time spent for developing the mobile application. Another factor is the brand, one need to look for reliable company that offer quality and cost-effective services.

Myth 4:- Once The App Is Launched, Everything Is Done

Launching a new mobile app is similar to starting a business. Something that is demanded in either of cases is the growth. Also, there are certain standards of developing an MVP (minimum viable product) and about the continuous product development. A number of mobile app UI design companies still do not go behind such ideas. This is because users often get attached to the features they want to develop, which makes it a bit challenging to see the past details and identify the core idea of an app. And that is what retained by MVP.

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