4 Important Things You Are Missing In Your Video Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 18th July 2016

Modern Business models more or less relies on establishing brand and quality. The objective is to gain the trust of consumers to be profitable in the business. It takes a tremendous effort to come up as a quality brand. Business organisations try to work out in a number of ways to build their brand. Some of the examples are designing a website for their business, having a very good logo or intro videos etc. Videos are the indispensable part of most of the website design nowadays. It is one of the best means to get your users attracted towards your products or services. Using a short explainer or animated video design on your website or other advertising media, introduces you to a large number of users across the world. Explainer videos are a very good approach towards simplifying the concept and presenting it to the user in a very small time.

4 Important Things You Are Missing In Your Video Design

However, some small mistakes in video design often leaves the users unmoved. Let’s take a look.

1) Lack Of Research In Video Design

The first approach towards a video design process is to try to understand your product from the user’s point of view. Most of the video designs for websites do not require much resources or high-end functionalities. The success completely depends on the idea that helps engage the users. A positive move towards user research is to relate your video to the users so that it may attract them towards your product and brings trust into their minds.

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2) Focus Only On Target Users

You might often want to consider different types of users while creating an explainer or intro video. However, it is a bad approach from the marketing’s perspective. Your prime objective should be to focus only on the visitors that matter to you. Focusing on users of every type would add to the inefficient use of your resources and you might lose your target audience.   

3) Keep It Short

Explainer videos are not meant for publishing video content that can engage users for a longer time. Websites having longer videos are often ignored by users as no user likes to spend hours watching your video. The challenge is to hit their minds within seconds. The ideal length of an intro video is around 9-15 seconds while an explainer video can last up to 2 minutes. Keeping best of your video content within this time is often to seen to have more engagements than longer videos.

4) Outscripting The Script

By out scripting I mean, the script for your video is proposed by some other video companies or script writer. The video design companies can help you with providing top-end functionalities to your design. But, when it comes to the script of your video design, the best way to think, is from your own perspective as you can very well assess your own products and propose the idea to present to the users.

Professional Logo or Video Design is more about creating brand awareness. Through these minute efforts, one can gradually reach to a level where your company or brand will achieve a recognition in terms of whatever products and services you opt to offer to the consumers.

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