4 Common Typography Rules To Follow In All Your Designs

Saurabh Tiwary | 29th June 2018

Typography is an integral part of any design project. However, if we talk particularly about the UI and UX design projects, it becomes an indispensable component. Mastering Typography can bring out some amazing results in your mockups. Knowing these common typography rules can help you boost your typography skills to some extent.


In this article, I would walk you through a few common typography rules that can be applied to any of design projects. Let’s take a look:

Limit your Fonts

A number of designers mostly the beginners make use of a number of fonts in their designs. This is not at all a good idea from the perspective of Typography. As a good rule of thumb, play around with a single font. At most, use 2 font variation in a design project. More font variation will degrade the design standard.

Work on Kerning

Kerning refers to the space between the characters of the words in your design. Kerning plays a crucial role in shaping the text readability and the text design. Although design tools such as Adobe Photoshop offers automatic options. However, they might not be reliable for your varying needs. Hence, it is advisable to play around the font spacing to achieve the desired kerning.

Work on Visual Hierarchy

Visual Hierarchy refers to the hierarchy of various text elements within the design. Usually, it is analyzed via the eyesight tendency of humans. An F-shaped design pattern is an example of this. So, a visual hierarchy among the typefaces is required to achieve great results.

Alignment is the Key

Alignment of text yields more productive results while dealing with the text. Left, Right and Centre alignments options can bring out amazing results. Many beginners prefer to use Center Aligned options, however, use of “Justified” option is sometimes more obvious considering the text balancing approach.

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