5 Constructive Features of JavaScript For Stunning UI Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 18th March 2016




5 Constructive Features of JavaScript  For Stunning UI Design

JavaScript lays down a vast extensibility when we talk about UI design of a mobile or a website. It is one of the most desirable scripting language that weighs very high in terms of adding flavours to the website. Apart from this, it incorporates boundless possibilities and has immense functionality that is essential for any attractive web or UI design. Stated below are the few perceptive design techniques that we must  put into effect in JavaScript that can do wonders for UIs.


  • Typesetting Buttons and the Progress Bar- This is one of the most demanding features from the user’s perspective. Every component displayed on a website should be distinct in term of their attributes. JQuery(Library of javascript) allows customization of different elements of the page in creative ways. It includes setting various color attributes to the buttons and have integrity based on their type. In addition, progress bar adds beauty to the browsing part when a download or upload is in progress.
  • Auto Focus to the Input Box- Handling forms on the web page can sometimes be a challenging task. Many Web applications and websites feature forms to collect user data. So, every care should be taken while setting attributes to the forms in JavaScript as it is the most important step towards targeting your audience. Since form is the core feature of our application or website,  one should consider automatically focusing of user’s cursor on the input field when the website loads. This is beneficial as it would save ample of user’s time being spent on locating forms to fill in their details.
  • Personalising Stuffs:- Many applications provide custom workspaces for end users. Personalization may help our users feel more at home. This can be done by providing users options to customize the color schemes and theme of the application interface. We should let them select the color theme, the color of the link, the background etc. Having scope for a small amount of customization will allow our users to make pages of their own.
  • Room For Advertising- Most of the modern websites tend to limit their services as they offer vast services with few of them being used as trial. Javascript can be very effective for such websites adding a very handy feature to their design. One may opt to allow a limited session of use to the user and thereby asking them to upgrade the features and avail the benefit after the session has expired. To achieve this, a different sidebar should be deployed out of the way of the main functions. If a user reaches the maximum capacity of a certain feature , they should be pointed out and allowed to quickly upgrade the service through sidebars.
  • Enabling Keyboard Shortcuts- While speaking about the design, another influential factor that bothers users the most is the ease of input method. Websites that  permit users personalize their typing options are found very effective in modern days. This feature is very well held up by Javascript that allows keyboard shortcut functionality on the websites.


So, these are the five most highlighted features of Javascript language that are setting new trends in modern web designing. These are very beneficial  in enhancing the overall functionality of a website and attaining a versatile web design.  

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