5 Key Elements For Achieving Prolific Website Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 12th July 2016

Anything, which is popular in the field of design can fade away in no time following the arrival of some new trends or concepts similar to the existing one. Web designing is a progressive branch which tends to grow rapidly and sees numerous advancements quite often. Be it a mobile UX design or a website’s UX, we see a continuous update in every department. However, implications of any such advancements or trends may be the secondary goal of the web design project. The prime objective revolves around putting efforts on the key design elements that we shall discuss further. 

Design Elements 2

These are the major design elements that actually set the foundation for most of the websites.

Front-End Design Elements- Front-end elements are those elements that are visible on your website viz. Graphics, text, menus etc. These elements act as the first impression of your website. So, it’s very crucial to focus on  front-end elements such a well-crafted home page design, User interface, careful use of color, based on your website type etc.

Easy Navigation- Another factor that has an adverse impact is the user option to navigate through different pages of your website. It is often seen that visitors fail to figure out how to actually reach to the information they are looking for. Although it may seem like a common design idea, but let me make it very clear that it is not as easy as it seems. Having simple navigation is the indispensable need of every website and demands replete research. Even high-end web projects and web design experts put huge effort while determining the website’s usability through improvements in the navigation.

Typography- Typography is regarded as one of the voguish components of the modern web designing. It amazingly takes the lucrative design to the next level. Designers of current time are seen to have efficiently employed creative fonts through a variety of typesetting that has eliminated the need for placing too much of graphical content on the web page. Having a distinct and large typography that works well with the website’s design is an example of a good typography.

Call To Action- Call to Action is a set of words or attractive phrases that urge your website visitors to take an immediate action.  There are no hard and fast rules for designing Call to Action buttons. However, the key is to make a continuous test about what works best for your website and the audience. Test the placement, the size and color of button and make sure you use actionable words.

Contact Us- While you invite new visitors to your website, so as a business design need and for CTR , it might often drive them to a have a sense of wonderment. However, as a website administrator, it is our responsibility to let them feel free and comfortable while they have access to our products and services. This can be achieved by proffering them with details of who you are, what you specialize in, how can you benefit them, where you are located etc.

You may provide this information on the home page as well, within the “About Us” section. The importance of this even goes higher when we talk about the e-commerce design. These approaches will ensure a sense of security and your website might look promising to the users and it is likely that they might approach you for services you offer. Apart from these crucial web design elements some of the additional elements to work on are:-

  • Search Box
  • Focus on mobile specific website or responsive design
  • Focus on Original Content
  • Make use of a good CMS
  • Logo And Brand Design
  • User Interface Design Patterns

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