5 Leading Material Design Frameworks For Advance UX/UI Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 28th March 2016


It’s been long since Material Design is being implemented in designing UIs.  So far, we have come across a number of orthodox designs, but, material design has immersed as the first choice for android developers since Google officially announced it in 2014.


Material Design Frameworks

What is Material Design?

It is a set of design guidelines by Google i.e. similar to what other platforms like Apple and Windows releases for their app developers. The sole purpose of setting such guideline is that it makes usability experience uniform across various categories of applications. However, it’s not imperative for developers and UI designers to include material design to their development as in many cases, it all depends on the class of  application to be designed.

Besides, material design overshadows device type, unlike proposed guidelines of iOS. The primary objective of such guidelines are:-


  • To bring about a visual language that combines timeless integrity of perfect design with the modernization and feasibility of science and technology
  • To expand a single fundamental system that allows for an unified experience.
  • To maintain the integrity across multiple platforms and device size

Top Frameworks For Implementing  Material Designs

Materialize CSS

Materialize CSS is an entire collection for small projects and for setting up large-scale responsive websites and advanced mobile apps based on HTML5. It incorporates  CSS for introducing certain design attributes like color, typography, tables, grids and also second classes etc. This framework also comes with css functionalities to embed responsive images and videos. The framework extends by combining css classes for vertical alignment of elements on the web page across various page layouts.


Bootstrap Material Design

Bootstrap design framework has its components and CSS in accordance with material design guidelines and is well customizable that we can generate almost any kind of layout and attain any design  by carrying out minor modifications.

This Material Design provides the best of Bootstrap as well as material design. It is considered the best web framework from the perspective of  building a responsive website at considerably faster speed.



AngularJS Material Framework

Angular Material framework is an absolute framework that incorporates material design guidelines by Google and offers reclaimable, accessible and well-built UI components on the basis of material design. Some of the advantages of this framework include customization of typography and other elements by making use of the meing layer of the framework. It also provides grid system based on flex that is used to create any plausible web layout of our imagination.



Polymer Framework:-

This framework is entirely web based and this technology allows encapsulation of HTML, CSS and other functional elements in a combined package that can be utilised across the web by any user.

Polymer includes so many custom web components that is used to implement material design of google. At the centre, there is a collection of paper elements  that includes tools like paper-button, paper-checkbox, drop down etc. Polymer framework is a hassle free implementation of material design and has boundless scope as it runs on web components and is supported by most of the browsers.



Ionic Material Framework:-

It is an improved framework for developing hybrid applications in HTML5 and is also open source and free to use. Ionic Material is intended for developers working on ionic framework and can be implemented from the additional library. It makes sure that ionic hybrid app development workflow remains the same and there is an alternative to include material design experience in hybrid mobile apps.

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