5 Master Tips To Call To Action Buttons

Saurabh Tiwary | 15th June 2016

Call To Action is a very intuitive feature of a website that aids to initiating the business proposals and generating inbound leads with higher probability. A bunch of user on the internet are likely enough to reach your website by means of indirect links or redirects from various sources viz. Search Engines, Adwords, etc.

5 Master Tips To Call To Action Buttons

Tips for Designing Call To Action Buttons

  1. Use Action-Seeking Text- The Call To Action buttons should should impose features i.e. an action-oriented text. Using words like “Enter” and “Go” do not have much of impact to cause action. The text must be in accordance with your product and should relate to it in an striking manner.
  • Enroll Now
  • Get In Touch
  • Still Have A Doubt etc.


  1. Colors Matter- Undoubtedly, colors play a master stroke in CTA. Although it is a matter of experiment based on your product, but green and orange buttons  are known to perform best in general. Eventually, it will depend on  several other factors such as your site design, products you offer etc. For an example, you definitely wouldn’t want a blue CTA button on a blue background.


  1. Shape Of The Button- This is a major aspect of a CTA design as the shapes can have a lot of influence on the user. You need to choose between round button shape or a square button edges. Not a specific rule though, what works better should be employed as both of these styles are common and can perform well in various settings. Eventually, you’ll have to experiment on shapes and experiment what works best in your design.


  1. Large And Legitimate Fonts- No CTA will perform unless it is clear to the user and legitimate. The CTA button text should be large enough to be read easily, but not so large that it may intimidate the user.  It may sound absurd to conclude that extra large text makes people feel uncomfortable and unpleasant. It should only be big enough to draw attention.
  2.  Keep It Above The Fold- It is very crucial to keep your call to action button above the fold so that it impacts users and they never miss it. Just like practices that are followed in designing the landing page of a website, the important information must be kept on the fold to immediately strike on the user. However, additional extra info should stay below the fold where it remains exist in a hierarchy but may not distract the other elements.

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