5 Mistakes Developers Make

5 Mistakes Developers Make

5 Mistakes Developers Make

Common mistakes made by Developers


A wonderful website combines wonderful design with wonderful code. Since building a website is a pretty simple task, there are people learning HTML and CSS believing they can design any website they want. Technically they can do that, but they are bound to make some critical mistakes because they don’t take the time to actually learn about design.

Programmers are designers in their own way, but they design code and wonderfully designed systems. In order to design something visual is entirely a different thing and just because you have got a good eye for design doesn’t mean you have a good brain to implement it.


Here are five most common  mistakes developers make when applying design to a website:


1) I Know What’s A Good Design


Having an eye for design and being able to implement a design are two different talents. Great designers know what a great design is. Designers with years of experience can tell you what will work and what won’t just by looking at raw concept. Nobody can pick a brush and produce a great piece like Leonardo Da Vinci, so no developer can bring the house down at the first attempt.


Before you begin, you must take a look at the wonderful samples. Make use of images, they are  always help spice up a design. An appropriate use of typography can add appeal to the design, stay away from too styling and decorative fonts.


There are so many elements that makes a design wonderful. The best way to create a great design is to study a few designs you like the most, but don’t follow them blindly. Just a single element in a design won’t make the complete design wonderful, work on all possible aspects to produce an appealing design.


2) Picking Colour for the Design  


Choosing an appropriate colour scheme for a design is an arduous job. You are bound to get confuse because there are many colours to choose from. This can be the reason why most of the developers prefer white and blue palette.


Blue and white are used almost everywhere, but a wonderful design can have a range of colours.  


Be sure to pick color palette that suits the concept of your website. For instance, if you have a website about news and social issues then it is always good to adhere to light colours. You don’t have to pick a colour because you like it.

3) Centre Headlines


Centre headlines look good in newspapers, but it isn’t appropriate to use on the web. Left-aligned text gives smart look and also works with the flow of human eyes. Centre text is good for short text and headlines. Readers can read short, centre-aligned text with ease.


4) Sandwich of Fonts

Choosing a font is as painful as choosing a colour palette for a design. It may take days and weeks of research just to find a suitable combination. You can also use a basic font but that won’t make it a great design.


Don’t make a sandwich; you can just pick one or two fonts to give a beautiful effect. And once you have finalized the font, you can play with them using italics, upper-case, lower-case etc.


5) Don’t have to Waste Time in Details


Sometimes it is very difficult to notice those small details that make it a great design. They can be so fine that a simple observer can overlook them. For a developer, details in design are just waste of time and resources because they don’t have the understanding required. Nevertheless, if you aren’t a professional designer, you may lose a lot of time focusing on the details and it can also slow down the process, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about details.



Shilpa Adhlakha

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