5 Most Popular Trends In Mobile Apps Design- 2016

Every now and then, we come across new technologies in the field of Web Graphics Design. Mobile Apps design is not an exception though. As there has been a continuous rise in the number of mobile users, and mobile app is considered as the primary need of every organization. Hence, it has led the Mobile Apps Design industry to grow continuously and rapidly.  In this blog, I will introduce with few trends In Mobile Apps Design that might turn useful for the new and pro designers. Just have a look.

5 Mobile Apps Design Trend 2016

  • Design For Big Screens:- Mobile devices are no more limited to tiny displays. The screen size has gradually increased as the mobile phones got equipped with touch interaction displays. This eliminated the key buttons and thus, provided larger display view for content. The current screen size for large display smartphones is as large as 6 inches. This allows designers to provide the user  best of the user experiences by less text and more visualization.
  • Simplest User Interface:- In early days, when smartphones were operated using keypads, there was not much room for the simple user interface, but this definitely is not the case in 2016. The user interface has changed a long way from the early skeuomorphic designs to current flat and material design.The emphasis is on the clarity, simplicity, and functionality. Change in the design pattern of iOS and Android 5.0 has a lot of scope in designing simple user interface. 
  • Functional Animation:- The use of functional animation allows better user experience as it is more dynamic and provides a direct visualization for the user’s action. Owing to the advanced features of smartphones and their graphic representation abilities, designers are adding HTML5 animation and parallax design to the mobile apps to bring a completely fresh experience and the new excitement to the user experience.
  • Making Use Of Swiping:- The use of swipe feature is no doubt the  most suitable gesture option for the app navigation and upcoming apps will highlight its ease of use in their designs. Apart from this, card layouts will also go hand in hand with the universal swipe navigation. Mobile apps will combine these multiple elements as well. These two popular design elements, swiping and card layouts are the two prominent flavors to the current design trends.
  • Storytelling:-  Storytelling feature is very useful from the perspective of the branding of an organization. This approach is useful in making user familiar with your product. It involves how actually the user gets benefited from your mobile app and how is it useful to him. Storytelling is one of the very innovative ways in the current designing trend that clearly represents what actually mobile app does without annoying the user.


Over the past years, the market has gone through different phases, but technology trends seem to fluctuate at an especially rapid pace. And so, one needs to keep pace with the  latest technologies and trends to stay in the market.

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Saurabh Tiwary

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