5 Prerequisites To Your First Website Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 8th July 2016

Having a website for your business helps expand your business online. A website serves a company or a business by allowing them to reach their customers across different geographical locations easily. And that’s the reason why every firm aims to establish their identity on the web to be accessed worldwide through web design for business. However, small emerging firms often confound with the need of resources and tools for their website. I have tried to focus on 5 essential things that must be considered while building your first quality website design. Take a look.

5 Prerequisites For Your First Website Design

1) Domain Name:- This is the foremost approach towards website design process for a company. A good domain is one that is catchy and easy to memorize. It is not necessarily to be specific to the services or products you offer. Things to consider while choosing a domain name are:-

  • Location- A country specific domain has to be associated with TLD extension of a specific country. For an example, a domain which is supposed to be specifically used in Australlia would end with .au.
  • Nature Of Website-  A commercial domain will have “.com” as TLD(Top Level Domain) and government based organisations will have “.gov” TLD. There are other TLDs such as .net, .info, etc.
  • The Default- If you are not sure about which TLD to use, the safest way to go is with “.com”.


2) Hosting- having done with choosing a domain for your website is followed by choosing a host that houses all the data of your website and provides efficient hosting services. You need to be careful while choosing your website host to ensure fast loading of website content. Things you should consider are:-

  • CMS- Content Management System is a tool that allows you to manage the content of your website by providing some intuitive features for organizing various contents and allowing you to perform different operations such as add, delete, edit etc. WordPress is one of the well-known CMS which has been popularly used worldwide.
  • Bandwidth-  Hosting services are often priced based on the  bandwidth of data they serve. So, it totally depends on the type of website and the data being accessed every month.


3) Development Process- The usability of a website is achieved by putting together the User Interface and the functionality that it incorporates. It is all carried out by the development team. The front-end goals are achieved by the UI designers that work on designing the look and feel of the website while developers ensure the proper functionality that is targeted. Crucial things in the process of development are:-

  • Development Time- The time involved in the development process is solely based on the features that are brought to the design. A high-end website functionality can be achieved in less time by employing more numbers of developers.
  • Flexibility- A flexible website is one which can easily be modified. For a flexible website development, it is essential to use an efficient CMS. Additionally, plugins also makes it quite easy to design a versatile website.


4) Content:- One of the major components of a website is its content that has an influence on the usability. If your website does not provide quality content, it may fail to attract users. Thus, we need to put efforts on generating content that may engage users.  A

  • Understanding What Makes Your Audience Tick
  • Getting Feedback From Users
  • Provide Value
  • Being Original


5) Maintenance:- It is often required to keep an eye on the performance and bring the update to your website on an interval to let things work smoothly without any flaws. Some of the checklists for maintenance are:-

  • Website Loading Time
  • Error Management
  • Update on UI
  • Additional Features etc.



Creating a website design for a company is not as difficult as it is usually perceived. The technologies have evolved a lot providing a number of tools that ease our effort of designing. The prime thing to have an idea and effective application of these tools and resources in addition to the experience that is likely to come up over time.

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