5 Prototyping Tools For An Improved Website Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 13th May 2016

Prototypes are solely used for the purpose of testing the proposed design. In graphic designing, it’s a great way to interact and check the usability of the interface and other similar functionalities before the development actually begins. A prototype is considered as a most attractive form of design documentation as the interface is evident and flawless. Although prototyping is an expensive and time-consuming process, one can use some prototyping design tools that will certainly help ease their effort. Here I list 5 most useful Prototyping tools for website prototyping. Let’s take a look.

  1. Justinmind

This is one of the most popular prototyping tools used by graphic designers. Unlike other tools that can only be used online, Justinmind can be easily downloaded to your computer that will allow you to work offline. It brings a number of features from designing a website to advanced administration panel interface. You can also use various items from the UI library to create Master Pages. Apart from this, it has the ability to download add-ons in the form of ready-made modules like bootstrap elements.


  1. Invision

This is also a web-based prototyping tool which allows users to create interactive mockups for website as well as mobile-based projects. Some of its features includes:-

  • You can directly upload your static page design into the tool and then add hotspot to transform them into a fully interactive mockup.
  • Invision can be synced with Photoshop or other sketch documents that allows real time prototyping.invision
  1.  UXPin

UXPin can help you create wireframes in a very simple way.  There are thousands of components in the UI library having number of ready-made components like bootstrap elements. You can also work on prototypes and make changes in real time. Some additional features include Cool add-on: Smart Guides, which allow measuring of the exact distance between different elements.



Marvel is among the great  browser-based prototyping tools that excels in its ability, simplifying the process of prototyping. Just after signing in with your Marvel account, you get the complete access of features to drop your image directly in various formats and also the third party uploading of images via Google Drive etc. While Marvel doesn’t offer the entire image editing features that are  found in other software, it provides some basic functionalities like background colour changes and resizing of images etc.



In terms of functionality, it is the largest application designed for advanced prototyping projects. One can quickly create prototypes of responsive websites as well as mobile applications. It also allows adding interactions, create Master Pages and use ready-made components from the  Widget libraries. Apart from this, you can import images, add colors, gradients and change transparency of each object.


Among a large number of prototyping tools, these tools have been the primary choice of designers. However, apart from prototyping tools, there are a number of approaches followed by designers like real time wireframing, mocking up through notes etc.

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