5 Secrets To Designing Outstanding Professional Logos

Saurabh Tiwary | 7th October 2016

A professional logo design is a healthy mixture of art, creativity and excellence. No denying the fact that professionally designed logos play a seemingly great role in determining how the brand is likely to be perceived by its users. The brand success often includes the triumph over the products and services offered by an organisation and a number of other factors as well. However, a website or brand design, which is among one of the major objectives of a new or well-built organisation, own a distinct brand representation icon called logo.

Undoubtedly, logos act as an unique brand identity asset of a business organisation. This significance has led designers to be more conscious in carrying out the logo design process. And for the reason, we need to get familiar with the basic and a perfect rule of designing a great logo for our  needs. Check out this 5-step logo design process.


1) Make It Simple

No matter how big is your company, the logo has to be simple. Check out these popular logo designs. A logo helps people recognize your brand, and to make it memorable you need to keep it simple. Check out the logos of some renowned brands that have done wonders.

Popular Logos

2) Good Logos Convey Freshness

Logo Design must bring about the new design trends on the table. The freshness of the logo design means the pattern or icon type that you choose must be the part of new modern design practices. One of those practices can be employing material design. If you incorporate the old design or follow some other logos, you are likely to not go a long way. Check out the examples of fresh design below.


3) It Must Be Timeless

The purpose of designing a logo is not for a month or a couple of weeks. You won’t be designing logos every month or every year. At least, it should last for 5-10 years before you need any sort of modifications. So, make sure whatever design approaches you are about to follow should last long.


4) Make It Proportional And Well-Balanced

The first step towards beginning a logo design process is creating a design that requires a smooth balance of every edges and cuts. In the image below, you can clearly see how Apple and Twitter utilize circles of proportionate values and symmetry to create a balanced aesthetic quality.

Balanced Logos

5) Make It Versatile

A well designed logo must be flexible enough to be used in any case. Be it a website application or a newspaper ad. or a product branding, or whether it is required to be printed on a glass etc. a good logo must be capable of every application without degrading the quality and its ability to be recognized.

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versatile logos


Logo is small yet very large in its impact over a brand. The need to design a professional logo is a challenge to many. Whether it is a website or any application, well-designed logos perform in all the applications. So, it is essential to focus in the early design phase so that you can get rid of any hassles in the future.

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