5 Tried and true design ideas for Logos

Oindrila Saha | 29th December 2017

A logo is the representation of your business. So while designing a particular logo we keep in mind about the brand image since it needs to last long.The web is a magical thing overflowing with resources and patterns and it can be confusing to choose which type of logo will be best for which business. So we picked up some latest ideas that will really help you to get the grip on logos.

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If this kind of design is applied properly it will give you the sense of tradition as well as it will tell you if there is a history of the brand. This type of logos blends a variety of elements and cohesive look. Though they are complex in nature they are simple to read. This kind of logos is seen in different universities or schools or sports teams.


Geometric shapes like circle, square, triangle, hexagon etc can be used for this kind of logos. Symmetry and logic are involved in the construction of geometric shapes. This type of logos never gets old and have a unique flavor of representing your brand. Brands like Pepsi – divided circle and the strip, BP starburst logo, Adidas flower are one of a kind. This kind of geometric shapes really works well since they compress your brand into a single image.


Over the past decade, monoline logos has caught the attention of the customers by its unique approach. To master this kind of logos is difficult where image or typography design is used with a single stroke weight. It is all about simplicity and how well you present the brand name so that your customer can easily recognize and remember it. Brands like HBO, IBM, HP have a similar pattern of design.

Handcrafted Logo

It’s no surprise that brands like Skype, Disney, Pinterest has given a crafty feel in their logo. People seek the details of the monotony. So this kind of simpler version gives you the impersonal look of your business. There are many coffee shops and breweries are also using the same technique when it comes to their brand image.


Illustrated cartoons are great for companies who want to target the audience like children and families. Some good examples of this kind of logos are KFC, Colonel and Planter’s Mr. Peanut, Kool-Aid Man.


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