5 UX Design Trends to Look for in 2018

Saurabh Tiwary | 7th June 2018

User Experience (UX) Design is a critical thing to look for while designing any application system. Being very dynamic in nature, UX plays a significant role in defining how useful a product can be. The continuous advancements and add-on features makes UX department more demanding for new products to fit into the system.


Here, we have picked five in-demand UX trends that have been widely incorporated.


User-First Approach

UX is all about the users and their optimal experiences. This is the main principle that aims to create a simplified experience of the overall system being designed, be it a mobile or web product. The simplified workflow that requires minimum assistance and something that’s easy for users is the best experience.

Usability is the Key

With everything getting feature-rich, users want to perform every action with ease. They want the simplest ways to perform any task. In 2018, the focus would be to provide least number of clicks to perform any sort of tasks within the application, the ease of access and minimal clicks would be high in demand.


Voice Assistance Features

Voice Features such as Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana etc. would be a crucial aspect of the user experience. The focus would be on optimizing applications to be capable of accepting voice-based commands.


Borderless Display

The old grid concept for mobiles would now be replaced by borderless displays providing room for more vibrant color applications for smaller display and high resolution devices.


Video and Sound in Design

In 2018, we are likely to see UI with a number of interactive interfaces accompanied by video and sound. The use of logical animation or functional animation might work well for designing the interfaces for both the mobile and web. With every click and events being performed, it is a new practice to incorporate sound and other visualization.


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