6 Keys To Efficient Mobile Apps Design

6 Keys To Efficient Mobile Apps DesignMobile Apps Design is one of the most crucial phases to enhance the reach of product to your clients. However, merely getting your mobile apps developed may not turn out to be fruitful. Here, we talk about few factors that are indispensable for an efficient and flawless mobile app design.

  1. User Engagement and Experience

Various mobile phone types, specifically smartphones help you complete a lot of things quite easily, such as enjoying videos, pictures, driving throughout, enjoying music, placing reviews, doing voice chitchat and others. At present, if the iPhone app let users employ many of these phone attributes, people will find the iPhone app amazing. Getting users engaged to their own app can find an enterprise huge reputation.

  1. Make it Responsive

Well, today there are multiple devices and platforms. While designing your app, you’ll need it to work on Android as well as on iOS, and it’s wise to also consider the Windows phone as they are gaining popularity. While some elements can be the same on all platforms such as splash screens, other parts like utilities need to be handled quite differently. In addition, you’ll need to design for multiple sizes because phones vary widely in size. A smart way to do that is to have three sets of graphics: high density, medium density, and low density.

  1. Interactive Graphics and UI

Simplicity inside mobile applications pays off a lot more. A fairly easy app make the consumer spend more of their time than any applications which make it more difficult to find the way and locate menus. When a consumer finds your current app complex, they would simply remove the icon from the home screen. End users have a tendency to have a tiny tolerance to your app and for that reason, ease of app usability is always kept in mind.

  1. Building Related Websites for the App

Most of the businesses today develop supporting websites to represent the features and specifications of the app. As this would cost more to the development part, still it’s a great idea to analyse its scope before investing on a website. In case a website is essential for the branding and promotion of your application, it is suggested to depend on the same team of app developers for its development.

  1. Design Part- Material or Flat Design

In flat design, appearance is not a priority, rather functionality is of prime importance. Responsiveness has come up as an important part of designing, it has become quite simple for the designers and thus, end users enjoy the simplicity of workflow and search in flat design.

Material design is the design standards guidelines developed by Google and has a good number of specific and interesting features, the use of the Z-axis is the primary technique. So, one should be very careful while choosing any one these design options. It basically depends on the type and the platform intended.

  1. App Store Visibility

You’ve accomplished the application development, but now it’s time for you to promote your product. One way to get your app noticed is to improve its ranking in the app stores.

There are certain on-screen criteria for higher search result ranking. For example, title and description, and similar other factors too. But several other factors can also have an impact on your app visibility. For example, how many times your app has been downloaded? Initially, this number will be quite low. But over time, as you get more views and that number rises, so will your rankings in search results of the store.

Another influencing factor is ratings. When people download your app, how do they like it? Are they giving your app a good rating? If yes, this will also help you get found. One way to improve ratings is making use of a plug-in that prompts users to review your app. If your app provides better user experience you should see some positive results soon.

Saurabh Tiwary

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