Major Mistakes To Avoid In Website UI Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 28th March 2017

Designing an out of the box user interface is the need of every design expert. As we know, design is not a rocket science just to follow a set of rules that will create an amazing interface. More than the guidelines and principles, it’s about imparting your own idea and keep on experimenting what looks good and what better. It’s never a perfect one.


In course of achieving the best possible design, website UI designers often end up creating something that’s more harmful than of any benefit.  

Here, I will walk you through some of those common mistakes being committed while designing website ui as well as for UI for mobiles viz. Android, iOS etc.

1 Inconsistency in the Overall Design

One of the common mistakes is the inconsistency in different components of the website UI or mobile App UI. Consistency in the design is all about making sure that all the similar actions and interfaces look and behave the same. Hence, the meaning of a button or action understood by a designer must be understood with the same meaning by the end user.

If you are using dark gray color for a subheading, with 30px font size and bottom margin of 30 px, then all the subheading in your design must be designed on the same principle.

One of the great ways to tackle inconsistency is the use of a style guide.

2 Inappropriate use of Colors

Picking up the wrong colors harms your design to great extent. But before making a good choice, you need to understand what are the  “wrong colors”? Understanding this might be tricky as it is solely dependent on the subject and topic. Since colors convey the meaning, you need to consider your client’s demand and their audience.

Moreover, it’s also about the accessibility. We have provided more information on design accessibility in our blog section.

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3 Too Much Text on the Webpage

Placing too much of text content on your site often hides the actual message from the visitors. If a reader comes across too many words and paragraphs, they are more likely to be lost and this will result in high bounce rate and ultimately degrade your conversion rate.

Speak only what matters the most. Try to convey your message in the least number of words as possible.  Instead of writing a lot of text, make use of more visuals and little text. As you might already know, the picture is worth a thousand words, so when it comes to the website ui design, it does wonder.

You can use animated logo and videos, explainer videos etc.

4 Too many Clicks and Navigation

When we talk about designing the effective interfaces for websites or Android UI, it is often advisable to provide the least number of clicks to improve the user experience.
There are a number of scenarios, where clicks can be reduced. You can reduce the number of fields in the form design. You can also work on the information architecture design to set up a distinct navigation for your design.

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