7 Myths About Video Design


Myths of Video Design
7 Myths About Video Design

Video Design is an important aspect of web design. You often are in the dilemma while working on it. Having known the basics of it, you tend to follow the trends blindly without doing further research. So, here we shall come across few mostly known misconceptions that go around with a video design.  


  1. You Think A Good Video Design is Pricey

Not True. You don’t need to have professional recording cameras or lights for creating an attractive video design. It’s all about taking most out of the least. Using tiny tools and basic equipment, you can achieve quality video content.


  1. You Think An Idea is All You Need

Although, proposing a distinctive idea is essential. But that’s not all. Your target should be to reach the audience. And for that reason, it is required to implement and wrap up all your ideas together and present it on your video content.


  1. You think creating and publishing content will enhance the traffic

While content publishing will certainly aid SEO efforts, a lack of promotion and driving traffic can cost you bucks. Once the video has been uploaded, it is important to plan a schedule for promoting it across social media platforms, via email, and regular building of links.

  1. You think you won’t get views because you are not popular

Some people believe that no one will find my videos. But true part is that when you work professionally to help you optimize from all aspects of your video to promote and distribute it to the specific channels, this misconception will fade out. These measures will bring you up with drastic changes.

  1. You think it should be completely professional

It is good to be professional, but adding some humor and fun to your content will not harm and definitely add some flavor to your stuff. Be professional and goal oriented but at the same time  make your stuff interesting as well.

  1. You need to put all the details in your video

Nope. Create content that briefs your information and at the same time bring some curiosity to your product. Your goal should be to get the attention of your clients towards the product so that they dig out more and more that adds to your traffic.

  1. You don’t need a video for your website

Well, a bread tastes better only when you put some butter on it. Likewise, a reader would show interest to your content only when he finds it informative and is presented to him in an interactive way. Videos are the great tool for delivering your information in an easy way and one would prefer to watch a quick video tutorial instead of spending hours in reading your content. So, to have a video for your website is indispensable.

Saurabh Tiwary

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