8 Common Mistakes To Get Rid Of In UI Design

8 Common Mistakes To Get Rid Of In UI Design


UI design incorporates boundless scope being one of the most crucial phases of the interaction design. Afterall, most of the graphic design domains play around UI/UX design to bring out any lucrative web or mobile apps design. Although such design forms demand technical expertise in terms of design layouts, wireframes, prototyping etc, but having a definite command over the primary rules of UI design is indispensable to every designer. Here, we shall let you know few common imprecise approaches that designers often trail around with and that they must avoid in the designing :



8 Mistakes of UI Designers


  1. Poor Color Combination:- Landing Page is the very first impression for the visitor. When we talk about the page design, it should be interactive and colored in such a way that helps elevate the user’s attention towards the brand. UI designers in some cases, consider using colors that are too dark or monotonous which might look bright but end up degrading the brand value. A positive move towards color combination is the study of your brand type, logo and the appropriate color combination.


  • Too Much Of Text:- This is something that’s bothersome for the visitors from a usability point of view. A long dragged out content often ends up failing to convey the soughted information to the user. Most of the people avoid visiting websites that stuff long stories for providing information. In case, it is essential for you to cover longer texts, it is advisable to break them into categories and specify their layouts.


  • Fixed Design Implementation:- It is good to design considering different type of devices to be used for browsing. Some of the UI designers still make use of fixed design schemes that are only useful for specific display sizes. So it is better to make use of Fluid, Adaptive and Responsive Design approaches.


  • Poor Form Design- The best way to design interactive form for a website is to make use of material design instead of flat design. Many designers in modern time work on form that allows too much of hovering, which may result in poor performance of the website.


  • Monotonous Fonts:- UI designers should refrain from making use of single font type in their designs. Following a unique color scheme is very useful in the overall design, but making use of typography and having integrity between different layouts is also crucial..


  • Unclear Navigation:- Describing information in a proper sequence through subcategories, plays a major role in interaction design. Do not confuse visitors with ambiguous navigation. Instead work out to define a sequential journey from the user’s perspective.


  • Non-Standard GUI Controls:- Basic GUI widgets viz. command links buttons, radio buttons and checkboxes and scrollbars are the lexical units that contribute to dialog design’s vocabulary. So do not change the appearance or behavior of these units  as it will confuse readers.


  • Not Using Progress Bar:- Progress Monitors can help your visitor stay longer on the website as it ensures proper accessibility and display user, what time will it take to download or upload a particular file and similar other progresses. Many UI designers discard progress indicator from the design which is no doubt a poor idea.
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