8 Design Approaches That Might Go Wrong

Neeraj Charaya | 31st May 2016

8 Design Approach

It happens many times that we don’t like to agree on certain things when we start our career as a designer as we do a lot of mistakes resulting in Poor Design. Once you get into a company then you get to learn so many things. Here I have compiled few mistakes that designers often commit and they should be aware of. I have also come across too many mistakes in my early days of design career, but now I have got over them and stopped doing them, so I think this would be helpful for you as well.

1. Not getting the brief correctly

Without knowing the details of client’s requirements, you can create blunders by making your design complicated which may not be relevant for the client and you will waste all your time procrastinating it in execution.

Instead, you should know the exact need which client desires. Make notes and have a brainstorm session so that you can keep your work flow in a better manner and try to keep in contact with the client so that they can cooperate with your work procedures.


2. Font Overload

Make your design simpler with your different assets and don’t try to make it messy by overloading too many fonts in within piece. This will make the viewer confused and it will get boring when you read.

You should use two fonts in your design so that you can play within it to make it attractive by making changes in their weight, color, sizes, etc.


3. Not saving files appropriately

There are many things which should be taken care while saving a file for the desired output. So you should know the first few steps of saving the file from the vital starting.

Printing work is all done in CMYK and that to in 300 Dpi and resolution should be according to the client’s need.


4. Working destructively

‘Working destructively’ means making permanent adjustments to the pixels within your projects without being able to go back and re-edit things later.

You should work by making a proper layer adjustments, keeping smart layer instead of working with raster images.


5. Checklist a major part is missed

Once you are done with your job then it’s better to go through checklist and get viewed by someone else because it’s better to have a second opinion rather than moving ahead on to the next step. It might be possible that you have missed out something as you are working quite long on this project.


6. Not considering context

Whether you are designing a logo, icon or any other designing stuff but you have to make sure that it can be get transferred to a wide range across world both in analogue and in digital way. So you will have to make sure that it gets fitted into every aspect i.e. computer, mobile, tab, etc.


7. Copying is not the way

Originality is the key to Designers, and plagiarism will not go unnoticed. Gathering influences and taking inspiration is all good but copying others work is not the key point. And with the recent growth of social media, you may risk your own design.


8. Missing the point of design

The major part which can be missed by the designers itself is the point of design. Things gets upside down when “design” is often confused with “decoration”, but it’s actually about responding to problems. Once you get to a recognised work, then everybody seems to start following it, and that is  how it works.

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