A Comparison Between Visual And Interaction Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 13th April 2016

Visual Design is a part of graphic designing that makes use of colors, shapes, forms, typography etc. to improve the quality of design in terms of usability and user experience. It is a kind of creative art that makes use of above-mentioned resources to accomplish magnificent design projects. On the other hand, Interaction Design aims to create designs that combine user preference and technology to allow smooth communication between them. Some of the attributes of interaction design include form handling, navigation options and user-website interaction etc.

Interaction Design

Both visual design and interaction design go hand in hand. It is very crucial to have a proper co-ordination between them while we talk about their contribution in a website’s usability. Now we shall take a look on how can they be differentiated on various grounds.


Role Of Interaction Design:-

  • It defines how a user can interact with the design layout of the website or UI
  • Provides user with a general idea of what action will be performed by an individual object of the website
  • It defines all the elements in such a way that no user finds any trouble while navigating through the provided information
  • It aims to implement designing procedures that ensure immediate response to the user request
  • Produces designs that simplify the way of accessibility and at the same time adheres to the web standards.

The primary objective of interaction design is to help the user understand the information as conveniently as possible. However, visual design emphasizes on the attractiveness of the design that is quite apt as per the interaction design.


Role Of Visual Design:-

As we defined earlier, visual designs emphasize on aesthetics of a website and its related materials by implementing images, colors, fonts, and other elements in prudent manner, let us look at the role played by them :-

  • It focuses on fundamental design units like lines, shapes, color palettes, typography, texture etc. to generate an attractive design that is pertinent to the theme of the project
  • It deals with the structures, layouts, textures, space management etc.
  • It aims to bring homogeneity to the entire design and deliver polished touch  to every element of the website
  • Defines hierarchy to the design based on the significance of its items.  This approach is often followed by designers to create hierarchies through different font size, colors, and placement of any element on the page. Usually, items that are placed at the top are  perceived as most important
  • Some of the other uses of the visual design include creating balance in the design as a whole, contrasting items in such a way that they are uniquely identified and dominating specific element of the website.

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