A Good Logo Vs. A Bad Logo Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 6th September 2018

Designing a good logo for a brand or an organization demands more creativity, research, analysis, and innovation. Only a logo design expert or an adapt logo design company is likely to come up with a well-designed logo. You may find a number of creative logo design samples, resources and so many logo design tutorials on the Web. Although these help you to generate a powerful toolbox for your logo designs, however, you need to possess a thorough understanding of what makes a logo design good or bad. In this blog, we shall go through some of the factors that tell the difference in a good logo vs. bad logo design.

What Is A Good Logo Design?

Although a logo design is about the user’s acceptance and even some poorly designed logos have been seen performing well, but we assume that an ideal logo must possess some specific characteristic. A well-designed logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, and simple in its form. It conveys the actual message of the owner. A concept or specific “meaning” is hidden and revealed through an indirect graphical approach. A logo must be flexible, meaning; able to be printed in any size and, in most cases, be effective without color. A good logo incorporates two principles viz. a great concept and its execution.

General Characteristic Of A Good Logo

  • It should be timeless- You also need to keep in mind that your logo design must not be outdated in upcoming years.
  • Analysis Is Important- Although, it’s not certain that following other brands would make your logo acceptable, however, analysis of various design aspects and their success over time must be taken into account.
  • Distinct- A distinct design makes your logo recognizable it might be difficult for clients and customers recognizing your brand.
  • Versatile- A logo is versatile if it can be printed in various sizes, across different mediums with the same impact. A good logo should work well on the web, on paper as well as print boards.

What Is A Bad Logo Design Practice?

When we talk about a poor logo design, among a number of ineffective practices, one which is often employed by designers is the use of too many colors. It is crucial to keep in mind that colors are not of actual importance in a logo design process, but the unique pattern, shape or creation is often regarded as the pillars of a beautiful logo design.

Use of dense colors must be avoided. However, a light mix that blends with the design can be used.  Modern logos need to be flexible, but most of the icons that are being used do not serve the purpose of numerous applications.

To know more about flexible Logo, Read “Does Your Logo Pass “Piccolino Test”? Now, what might lead to a bad logo design?

Some of the poor logo design practices to get rid of:-

Avoid Resolution-dependent Raster Graphics

Images must appear at a consistent quality without pixelation issues and so raster graphics are not ideal for logo design uses.

Stay Away From Trends

In web and graphic design, there always seem to be some new trend taking place. Designing a new logo is like buying something that lasts long.

Use Appropriate Typefaces

Being too much excited about typefaces leaves no room for creativity and sometimes make your logo look unprofessional. So, it is advisable to make precise use of typefaces that make your logo look appealing.

Avoid Being Literal

Most of the designers often try to associate a logo with the intended purpose. Although it is a good move, however, specifying everything in the form of a line drawing or direct images is a poor logo design practice.

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