A Major Role Of Kerning In Typography

admin | 27th May 2016

Kerning is a major part of typography which generally refers to adjust the space between the letters or characters of the given word to make the good visual appearance.

A Major Role Of Kerning In Typography


1.Define Your Preferred Font


Different fonts have different styles and width. So before kerning, you should get familiar with the font that you’re going to use.


2.Leading,Tracking and Kerning


Leading – Vertical space between lines.

Tracking – Uniform space between all letters.

Kerning – Space mainly between individual letters.

Kerning should be the last aspect which has to be considered before Leading and Tracking.


3.Start Kerning


Kerning should be done manually by putting an extra effort to each letter so that it does not look odd to human eye because as you all know that human eye is the best tool to figure out any fault in design. Automatic tools are also there to apply kerning but personally, I would suggest to do it manually.


4.All About Visual Space


Your letters will only look good by varying distance. Others will not approach your design with ruler but it’s all about visual distance rather than the actual distance.


5.Work In Groups


Try to kern your letters in groups i.e. having 3 letters at a time rather than kerning as a whole which might affect the visual appearance and creates a bit of confusion.


6.Over Kerning


Don’t over kern your letters as it will become difficult to read as well as visual appearance will be lost but if it seeks good visual appearance then leave that.


7.Don’t Forget Word Spacing


Letter Spacing is important and so is the word spacing. Don’t forget it, as both letter and word spacings are balanced over one another, anything without these can lead to disastrous effects in your desired design. You have to maintain the word spacing also in respect to show one word differ from another.


8.Keep Versions


Always try to keep two versions of your design or I might say in typography that is one small and other one in big so that client can see the design look in different contexts and it will also be helpful for you to see that if kerning should be improved for future reference or not for a particular design.


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