A Quick Guide To Enhance The Usability Of Form Design

Saurabh Tiwary | 19th July 2016

Designing forms for your website might seem like a susceptible task.  However, form design is very crucial as a minute difference in the design modification can bring out some dramatic changes to the user experience.  

Now, the usability of the forms entirely depends on taking care of small design elements that uplift the UI.  Here, we provide a quick guide that would help you boost your form design interface.

A Quick Guide To Enhance The Usability Of Form Design

Practice Minimalism In Form Design

Form size matters. This is true, considering the fact that no user would like to fill up long stretched out forms. Such forms act as speed bumps for the visitors impacting the overall user experience. A good approach is to seek username, password, and email. It is often worth avoiding to ask users re-type their e-mail as it adds to their inconvenience while they fill up long forms.

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Make Use Of Adaptive Placeholders

Float labels are useful in the way that they combine the idea of simple placeholders and top left-aligned texts. When the user taps on the form or clicks, the text inside the form field disappears and gets shifted to the top-left part of the form. The adaptive placeholders make the animation look quite elegant and support smooth touch interactions.

Float labels keep the context of the form even after the user has finished typing the texts. Adaptive Placeholders are the improvements to the float labels. Although they are similar to the float labels, but when the user clicks, the label seems to appear slightly above it. Adaptive labels are ideal for mobile devices as well.

One Click Social Media Registration

This has been quite popular nowadays and probably the most useful way to immediately register to any website. Social Media login buttons allow one click registration by fetching information from the previously logged in social media websites or by asking users to log into to their accounts that they are associated with. Since a majority of the internet users are nowadays a part of one or other social media platforms, it adds to the convenience of users signing up for websites.

Font Is The Game Changer

You might be familiar with the effectiveness of Typography in web design. This is also applicable to the form design as an effective use of font in your form design is likely to have more leads than the old fashioned font included in a log form field. Sans Serif is one of the popular choices of a number of designers out there as it comprises of a variety of typesets extending its application.

So, that was a brief idea on how you can improve your fonts while considering user experiencing and providing best of the results in conversions.


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