A Seamless Loop Animation In After Effects

Neeraj Charaya | 1st August 2016

If you know the principles of animation i.e. what they are and how they  are employed, then you can easily  apply this seamless Loop Animation in a better way. After Effects is a great software to get started with this at a basic level. It’s magnificent software for making animations using graphics, texts, shapes, etc. It is also used for VFX and 3D artists.

A Seamless Loop Animation In After Effects

Getting Started With Loop Animation- 

Create two ellipses with stroke on shape layer. Then rotate the tunnels and remember to use null so that you can control all rotation features in this type of animation. It will need 9 seconds for 1 complete cycle. Then parenting should be done especially null with those tunnels.



Adding a Square- 

Here I created a square in a shape layer and animated the position property by moving it out ofthe screen to the left and right side. I parented this layer to the null so that I can rotate it with the tunnels.



I took the expression of the shape’s rotation as I wanted it to keep the orientation of the shape throughout the animation so turning it into negative, set the rotation key.


Matte Effect- 

Rather than showing it overlapping you need to show it like the shapes are coming out of one tunnel and going to the other. So, to do this, I set a matte effect, and used a follow layer as the matte.


Loop Formation- 

Then I duplicated that layer by changing its color, changing the shape, offset all of these duplicates on the timeline, noting that frames should be same at first and at the end.


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