Abstract Shapes- A New Way To Decorate Homepage

Sukhmani Kaur | 27th September 2018

It is unhideable that ‘Welcome’ area plays a significant role in building good relationships between owner and audience at the outset. It is responsible to build the first impression that is crucial and critical too. It is like building a product and selling in the market. As we know people only buy a unique and eye-catching product. It is a time to prove way to stand out from the crowd. We can use lavish illustration, traditional clip, pictures, panoramic photo shot,
spectacular image, interactive video, surreal rendering or minimalist solid canvas to draw its appearance.
These are a few trivial processes that have been used by millions.


The use of Shapes to boost up Web Design-

Shape1- It utilizes square in its entity to bundle of quadratures of different size, color, and style chaotically arranged across the screen. It
ideally fits within the theme and strengthens the aesthetics.

Shape2- It is the type of logotype that has a geometric feed. It sets the tone for the design. It catches the mood by adding geometric colored
outline or filled shapes.

Shape3- A static patterned background with subtle retrofelly. it will look extravagant fancy and at the same ground elegant and exquisite.

Shape4- We can take out a background that is reminiscent of art decoration. It will look creative, innovative and original.

Shape5- Tile matching puzzle game. It will change the webpage to a playground.

Shape6- We can have a primitive modular system that strikes the eye. We can draw a geometric shape with mouse hover parallax to catch the user.

Shape7- The ‘welcome’ section should breathe with cleanness and neatness due to its spacious feeling and predominant white color. It should
brighten up the atmosphere.

Today we have trending form in decorating front page that implies a bundle of an abstract shape. For instance, a mess of circles, squares, triangles in outline or solid form. It can even be an irregular geometric shape chaotically scattered on the web page. It can be placed against a fancy image or monochrome background.


Abstract shapes have the potential to transform the basic theme into an innovative theme but making it viable though. It is not the unique phenomenon but a pack of figures can create magic on the eye. Few shapes with background suite with interactive motion can make simply niche. It will grab the user attention and make it a non-lasting craze.

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Sukhmani Kaur

I like thinking and creating solutions to the problems which user encounter in their journey while running an application. Creating a simple, eye catchy and user engaging things is my motto while designing.

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