Adobe kuler most Underestimated tool from Adobe

Shubham Pachauri | 30th June 2017


Adobe kuler is one of the adobe’s best tools available for free Since 2006. which is widely used among designers for picking best colors for their Application and websites. But many designer still Don’t Know about It. Probably Because It is “Free”.

Few Advantages to use adobe kuler:


Directly Connected with Adobe Creative Cloud: Adobe Kuler color swatches can be open in Photoshop or Illustrator as they are connected to each other through creative cloud. So If you save one color swatch in Adobe kuler you can also open it in other two applications too and the best part they are saved on cloud so you don’t have carry your machine everywhere. These swatches can be access anywhere on any machines by just login with your registered email id.


You can pick colors from images: By uploading any Stock Image on Adobe Kuler you can extract its color in a color swatch which can also be saved on creative cloud.This option is very useful while you are create project In which You are using lots of images and you need colors which can relate to your project theme. At that you use Adobe kuler to pick color swatches for your project.


Color Swatches From Other Designers: By Exploring on Adobe Kuler You Will find some really cool color swatches Which are uploaded by other designers.You can download them. And also you can interact with those designers by commenting on those swatches if you have any query about those colors.


Experimenting color swatches : Adobe kuler provide different type of color wheels In which you can you experiment with your choice of colors for your project you enter your color code in it and then you will be avail to check other related color codes on a wheel which you can modified their. And then they will be available on you all creative cloud application.

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